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June 26th, 2008, 07:04 AM
On true belief

Dialogues on Checkerism

That day, two students were fist-fighting to the point where a teacher had to break them apart. After settling and calming, the teacher queried for the cause of their dispute.

"He does not accept that my beliefs are true."
"How can his beliefs be true, when mine are?"

"It seems your beliefs differ. Why is it, you two fight over difference in beliefs?"

"Should he not accept my beliefs are true?"

"Why should he? Can you prove they are?"

"I feel they are true, I feel it in my heart. That is all the proof I need."
"We cannot prove the truthfulness of either of our beliefs. Such is the definition of belief. But my belief is true anyway."

"You both are different people, with different parents, different friends, and different histories. For each of you, your beliefs are functional. You both believe that what you believe is true for you. Are you unable to accept that the same holds true for the other?"

"No, wise man, we are not."

"Then let this be a lesson. Instead of fighting over truth, try looking at your differences and learn from them. Also look at your similarities and learn from them. Instead of imposing your own belief on someone else, learn to understand how theirs works and what makes them believe it. Once you understand their beliefs, you will understand the person. You might still disagree, but the fighting stops."