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June 26th, 2008, 07:11 AM
On the bear, the fly, and purpose

Dialogues on Checkerism

"Wise man, if the gods are so much more powerful than us, then what are we doing here?"

"The bear is much more powerful than the fly, yet they both coexist."

"But the bear didn't create the fly, nor does it lead its way. Isn't that different?"

"The bear sometimes carries the fly along, isn't that alike?"

"But wise man, you couldn't possibly compare a bear to the divine! A bear is a mere animal! The gods are... divine!"

"Define 'divine'."

"Wise man, 'divine' means 'better', 'without fault', 'more powerful': something to strive for. The fly doesn't strive to be like the bear."

"How do we know? It might be a fruitless effort for the fly, but can we honestly say it's true, that the fly doesn't strive to better itself?"

"No, wise man, we can't. However, we can honestly say that us humans strive to better ourselves. Some of us at least. And the fly might not exist to strive for betterment. Maybe that's something only humans do?"

"Aren't we animals too? How is it you attribute so much to gods you can't see, while you attribute so little to what obviously exists in our environment, and shares some of our genes?"

"But wise man, the gods created us and put us here. If we compare to the fly, it's merely because they too got created and put here. They share our environment, but if flies are so much like humans, why should we exist at all?"

"Thus you return to your original question. It might seem you waisted our time. However, this time you have more to ponder upon. Did you ever consider that the gods might need us? That we might be a tool to serve their purposes?"