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July 14th, 2008, 04:34 PM
The Energy Theories

Energy is all around us, it comes in different forms and itís used in many different ways to perform thousands of different tasks. The first and most common form of energy is electricity. Unseen electrical currents assist the modern world in powering physical objects, lights, generators, vehicles, houses, and more. The topic of energy is vast and enormous, from physical energy, to astrological energy, from motivational energy to kinetic energy; it spans a full spectrum of both confusing and conflicting theories, definitions and practices, and can be one of the most difficult topics to discuss.
For the purposes of this book, energy must be seen in many of its more esoteric forms and constructions, and much of the time the term must be used loosely to describe a number of different things. The basic definition of energy is any source of useable power. This can range from the usefulness of a battery, to the usefulness of a full moon. This is why youíll find the term used and misused over and over again and there is unfortunately no cure for that other than specifying the type of energy being referenced in context.
First step to understanding energy is understanding that everything is made of two things, either matter, or energy. Matter is the composition of atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons that form every physical item in the galaxy including the earth, the sun, the desk, the tree, the mirror, etc. Matter is substance, itís physical and tangible, either solid, liquid or gas and has varying restrictions or limitations in terms of movement. This is where it becomes confusing. Not everything is made of energy, but everything carries energy on it, whether itís a book, a telephone, an electrical wire, or a tree. The difference is, matter is tangible, and has limitations to movement, energy is non tangible and itís attached to everything. Each physical object carries a unique energy signature, a formula that describes its composition and why it is able to hold its physical form. Energy signatures are individual based on the item, and though the same energy signature will appear for identical items, different energy signatures will appear for each item even if it is only slightly different.
Imagine that the Solar System had only matter, and no energy. Everything would literally sit still, wind wouldnít blow, sea currents wouldnít sweep, seasons wouldnít change, day wouldnít become night, the Earth wouldnít rotate, the moon wouldnít move, the entire solar system would be frozen in place if energy was not present.
Energy creates patterns which are then followed to determine the present and future of different situations in life. Some energy patterns fluctuate and change rapidly, while others are very predictable and unchanging. For instance, the energy patterns which monitor the earth rotating around the sun is predictable since we know it is going to happen. Other such energy patterns such as emotional energy patterns fluctuate much more and change based on outside circumstances.
The truth is that each human being also carries a unique energy signature and multiple energy patterns based on their astrology chart, their physical location, their past life, their experiences in their current life and their links with others. Each human actually sends out thousands of energy patterns everyday, these often come across to psychics as ďvibesĒ as they can be very subtle patterns. The point is that each person sends out vibes each and everyday whether they are of a positive or negative charge is really up to the individual sending out the vibes. What must be noted is that vibes though they are subtle energy patterns, they do directly affect other individuals around them. For instance, if an individual is sending out a negative vibe, the energy pattern can travel to another individual and allow the second individual feel down like the first. Basically, anything one sends out will affect other people, making them feel similar to the one who the negative vibe originated from. Itís like the yawn theory, someone begins yawning and everyone around them begins yawning and everyone around those people start yawning and so on and so forth. Fortunately, each time the energy transfers to another it loses speed and strength, becoming weaker and therefore becomes expired, usually within another individual. In addition to this, itís a rather experimental way to explain this theory since in all actuality, the one negative vibe will hit the second individual and it will have to affect all the other energies within the second individual. Depending on the second individual, the vibe might not have an affect at all and the individual will release a second unique vibe into the atmosphere.
While on the topic of vibes and energy patterns, the term ďVibrationsĒ should be brought up. This is a term used to literally determine the Vibration of the Energy Pattern. Higher Vibrations means the energy is more refined, pure, and moving at a quicker pace, it is sharp, quick, often calming and enlightening. These types of Vibrations are within the Higher Mental Processes, and on the scale, usually considered between a 9 to 12. The numbers used are an esoteric gage to the velocity of the vibe; the numbers donít have specific measurements to them, but are often referred to as bands of energy, each band becoming more and more pure as the vibration rises. As energy rises it also responds to spiritual influences. Great awakening and enlightenment happens to people whose energy patterns reach this vibrational level.
Middle Vibrations are within the 5 Ė 8 range, and these are generally slower moving vibrations, the energy is messy, confusing, often with some form of clarity, but no form of higher inner peace, no resolutions to conflicts, and no spiritual connection. The energy patterns that fall between the 5 Ė 8 vibration ranges are unrefined, rough, and often fluctuate frequently based on physical situations and moods. They do not respond to spiritual influences and are often energy patterns that are caught up in the muck of everyday life.
Lower Vibrations are within the 1 Ė 4 range. These vibrations are very slow moving; they are depressed, miserable, and lazy energies. Often times these are seen within those who are sick and lacking physical strength and energy. It is also seen within people who have negative outlooks on life, and canít see the positives. This energy is similar to a whirlpool; it clings and attaches to other energies in an attempt to drag them down to their level. They not only do not respond to spiritual or physical influences, but they do not respond to positive energy vibes and it is difficult to raise the vibration from this state once it has slipped this low.
In general most people live at around a 4-7 for their personal energy vibrations; it allows enough connection to both physical and spiritual energies that both a level head and awakened mind can live in balance with one another. Fluctuations to these energy vibrations come with the change in mood, attitude, physical gain or loss, and spiritual connection and detachment.
Now, since each and every human being sends energy patterns and vibes into the atmosphere almost every minute, this creates a network of energy patterns that are specific to proximity of location. The term crowd mentality will apply here, the ways the energy of one group can inadvertently affect an entire network of people. The same happens on a day to day basis based on the energy patterns being sent out by the individuals in a specific location. There is the theory that one personís energy vibe thousands of miles away in London will have bearing on the social mentality of people in California. This is a bit extreme a case, but the common energy patterns being sent out by people living in a similar region will have an affect on all people living in that region.
In addition, the very composition of Earthly energy patterns must be determined for each specific location. Energy for areas near coastal lines will differ from energy patterns found in the prairies. In addition to this, much research has been done to determine the spiritual energy of each location; some areas carry a special vibe to them that was literally predetermined by the stars, solar system and higher beings within the universe. It should be noted that while there are spiritual havens there are also places that carry a natural negative vibe, and places that lack any sort of spiritual vibe to them. The point is that not only is there a societal pull to each and every environmental location but there is also an Earthly energy pattern that has bearing on the way in which the people in that area will think, feel and act. An example of this is Sedona, AZ where there are energy vortexes present. The people in this area respond differently to metaphysics because they live with it in their midst. People in Regina, SK will have a different idea of spirituality because there is no apparent unique energetic pull in that area. This theory crosses into the realm of sociology; different people will act differently when faced with different environmental surroundings. For instance, a desert is hot and dry, an energy signature in itself, where as the rainforest is hot and humid, the plains are windy and flat. The energy of a place has a huge bearing on those living within that physical area.
The next energy signature to look at is that of the solar system and the planets. Often referred to as Astrology and for the purpose of this book will be referred to as Astrological energy. Astrology combines many energetic bodies to give one full analogy of astrological energy patterns. As we know astrology consists of 12 constellations that the Earth moves through throughout the year, each with a unique energy signature. Then each and every planet holds an energy signature, and the relationship between the planets and zodiacs create energetic patterns that are unique for each and every individual. These energy patterns are some of the most powerful and complex to read, analyze and understand, and it can take years to fully understand the relationship Astrology plays in our lives. For the most part, simple astrological energies are brought to us everyday in the form of our horoscope based on our sun sign or zodiac sign. More complex astrological analogies will be discussed later on in this book.
The sun and moon, while they are included in Astrology they are a governing body of their own, and deserve their own section within the theories of Energy. While we have our influences from the Earth we also have our influences from both the Sun and the Moon. The moon has a common cycle, from new moon to waxing moon to full moon to waning moon. If you follow astrology there are in fact other terms to describe the moonís growth to full and decline to black or new moon, but they can be confusing terms to use. The main energy surrounding the moon is that it is known for emotional energy. The moon controls the tides, female menstruation cycles, and since water is the element governing emotions and the moon is therefore the to and fro sway of human emotions throughout a 28 day cycle. There are 13 moons in a year, one of them is a blue moon, and each moon falls within 1 zodiac sign and therefore carries a different energy signature each and every time the moon appears in the night sky. For instance, the full moon in March will be a full moon appearing in either Pisces or Aries depending on the exact date of the full moon. The differences between a full moon and a new moon is that during the full moon the Sun and Moon are at Polar opposites with one another, which therefore allows the pull of the moon itself to be stronger, causing emotions to be stronger. Itís common for people to feel different on a full moon based on the fact that two large energetic bodies are being pulled in opposing directions. During a new moon, the moon is not visibly in the sky, but the sun and the moon are in duality, which allow them to work together during this time. New moons are great for logical thinking, centering, and putting new projects together that are sure to find success. This is why itís called a new moon; itís the time for changes to be made in life. There are also lunar and solar eclipses that occur periodically within the moonís and sunís cycle. A lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Moon passes through some portion of the Earthís shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned exactly, or very closely so, with the Earth in the middle. Hence, the Moon is always full during a lunar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thereby totally or partially obscuring Earth's view of the Sun. This configuration can only occur during a new moon, when the Sun and Moon are in conjunction as seen from the Earth. Analogies on the affects of varying moon energies will be discussed in later chapters.
The next section we will talk about is soul energy. This is the energy of the soul itself. Contrary to popular belief, the soul energy does not exist within the soul, but within the 12th chakra, as we have experienced from the meditations. The reason for this is the soul has an infinite amount of energy that we cannot cram into a tiny human body. The human body is able to hold 1 watt of energy and 1 mb of storage space in comparison to what our soul can hold, which is thousands of gigawatts of energy and thousands of gigabytes of storage. Soul energy is that which is of our soul, the original and unaltered energy of the soul when it was first created. This energy is literally just that energy, and itís hard to see or perceive in a linear sense or fashion. Therefore, for our purposes, we must understand that the soul, our own soul, is a strong source of personal energy and personal knowledge. Knowledge stored in the soul will be from past lives, the knowledge of which can be very important to everyday living.
The last type of energy we will be looking at is Destiny, Fate and Karma. These energies come into play when weíre looking at the future path. The first energy we look at here is Destiny. This has been referenced so many times, but the basic definition of Destiny is destination. It is the final destination, the final outcome of a situation. Often times Destiny is misplaced and itís said to be the final resting place of a person or the largest accomplishment later down in life. Yes, Destiny is associated with long term goals, and generally a destiny will be seen farther into the future, from 1 year to 10 years into the future. What is mistaken about Destiny is the fact that there are many smaller destinies along the path, not just one large one. A person may first be destined to sing with a group, and gain international fame, but once theyíve reached that destination, the destiny changes. For some in the group their destiny becomes the fold of the group and the passion for smaller projects, perhaps the destiny becomes to settle down and have a family, for others, the destiny becomes to go solo and gain international fame and fortune as an individual sans the group name. For others, their karma will direct them, or they will fall into fancies of fate.
Fate is the second type of energy we look at here. Unlike Destiny, Fate is a choice we make. If one is not working towards their Destiny, they are living within their Fate. Often terms like Fated are used in reference to Fate. These are events that occur when one falls off the path of their Destiny, for instance, the member of the famous singing group getting involved in a scandal and ends up going to jail, this would be a fated path, it was wrong turn on the road, a temptation if you will, and it lead to a new destination. The destiny path would resume once the fated path has been lived out. So if it was a 6 month jail sentence, then 6 months later the individual would return to their regularly scheduled path, which by then, the group will have crumbled, the one would have gone solo and the rest succumbed to other ambitions.
This related directly to the path of Karma, often Karma, and Destiny go hand in hand and Fate is the humdinger thrown to us to make a positive Destiny negative and a negative Destiny positive. Karma is based on the law of attraction, do unto others as you would have done to you, what goes around comes around. It is basically payback for every wrong doing you have done in your life or past life, and praise or approval for every good deed youíve done in your life. Basically Karma is built up over time and released into future destiny paths. If a person builds up karma and dies, their karma travels with them into the next life. If however a person is traveling upon a positive destiny path, and they wrong someone, their karma comes upon them and their destiny changes to a negative destiny path and vice versa. The very real stories of criminals who have turned their lives around and are living positive lives is an example of karma working in positive ways for people. Karma is the regulator keeping one on the destiny path they are on, and fate is the detour. If one was traveling a negative destiny path where they are always broke, living pay cheque to pay cheque, and all of a sudden they won the lottery, that would be a fate path that changes their destiny path. Now, Karma coming into it, Karma would allow the path to shift back to normal, it would create additional hardships for the individual in which they would have to spend the lottery money on the hardships and end up back on the destiny path they were on originally. Sure, a smart person can cheat Karma, but even if the smart person knows they deserve payback, whether they receive it in this life or cheat it, they will carry it with them to the next life.
So itís important to understand these types of energies when working on future paths because a personís karma will decide their destiny, and their fate will decide the current chapter. Itís often easy to determine if a person is currently walking a fate path or a destiny path and generally, simply energy techniques are used to move a person out of the fated path and back into the destiny path.
Now, in the following exercises we are going to learn about different ways to work with energy, this will include linking, blocks, manifesting, draining, expelling, direction and storing of energies.

Energy Work Schedule

Week 1: Personal Energy

Exercise 1: Creating an Energy Orb

- Go into a light state of meditation
- Hold your hands finger to finger, creating a space in between your hands
- Feel your personal energy moving from your root to your solar plexus.
- Feel the space between your hands filling with energy from your chakras.
- Visualize the color of the energy orb in front of you, is it white, blue, purple, pink?
- Hold the energy orb for a period of 15-20 seconds.
- When finished, close your hands together and rub them together to absorb the energy back to your chakras.
- Take a deep breath and awaken from your meditative state.

Exercise 2: Shifting Energy through Body

- Go into a light state of meditation
- Hold your hands on your knees, and take a few deep breaths
- Concentrate on the energy in the breath
- Feel the energy moving in and out of your body as you breathe
- Do three repetitions of the above
- Next, feel the energy in your root chakra moving and flowing
- Do this for each subsequent chakra
- Finally feel the energy in your aura shifting and molding around your body.
- Concentrate again on the breath
- Do this three times, and then end meditation

Week 3: Physical Energy

Exercise 1: Drawing from objects / Charging objects

- Choose an object that you feel an affinity with. (Ex. Jewelry, Knick Knack, or Personal Item)
- Hold the object with both hands
- Go into a light state of Meditation
- Feel yourself being one with the object
- Feel the energy from the object flowing into you
- Hold this feeling for 15-20 seconds
- Now, feel your energy filling the object
- Hold this feeling for 15-20 seconds
- Finish your meditation

Exercise 2: Drawing from Nature/ Charging and Dispelling

- Choose an organic object that you feel an affinity with (Ex. Fruit or Vegetable, Tree, Flower or Plant)
- Place both hands on the object
- Go into a light state of Meditation
- Feel yourself being one with the object
- Feel the energy from the object flowing into you
- Hold this feeling for 45 Ė 60 seconds
- Now, feel your energy filling the object
- Hold this feeling for 45-60 seconds
- Now place your feet shoulder length apart and place your hands on your thighs
- Feel the energy gathered from the object flowing out of you and into the ground below you.
- Stop if you feel dizzy or lightheaded
- Hold this for 30 seconds.
- Finish your Meditation

Week 5: Connecting

Exercise 1: Creating a link to Personal Items / Detaching

- Choose the same object that you feel an affinity with.
- Go into a light state of meditation
- Feel your energy creating a string of energy connecting to the object
- Hold this string of energy there for 30 seconds
- Feel the string of energy linking you and the object either dissolving, being cut or simply being severed in some way
- Finish your meditation

Exercise 2: Creating a link to a Friend / Detaching

- Choose a friend or someone close to you (They donít need to be present)
- Go into a light state of meditation
- Feel your energy creating a little string of energy connecting to their brow chakra
- Hold this energy link there for 60 seconds
- Feel the string of energy linking you and the person dissolving, being cut, or simply being severed in some way.
- Finish your meditation

Week 7: New Connections

Exercise 1: Creating link to foreign objects / Detaching

- Choose an object that you have no affinity with. This could best be done in a store as it only takes a minute to do.
- Hold the object with both hands.
- Feel your energy creating a string of energy linking you and the object
- Hold this connection for 60 seconds
- Feel this energy string being severed in some way.
- Finish your meditation

Exercise 2: Creating link to stranger / Detaching

- Choose a person you do not know to link to. This could be a celebrity, a person you see in public, or someone you donít know personally.
- Go into a light state of meditation
- Feel your energy create a string of energy linking you and the person at their brow chakra.
- Hold this connection for 60 seconds
- Feel this energy bring being severed in some way
- Finish your meditation

Week 9: Communicating Energy

Exercise 1: Communicating with the flame

- You will need a candle jar, 4 tea lights and incense sticks for this assignment
- Sit with the candle jar in front of you, and the 4 tea lights around it in a square
- Light the wick to the tea lights and candle jar
- Light your stick of incense, and feed the burned pieces into the candle jar
- Go into a light state of meditation
- Feel yourself becoming one with the energy of the flame
- Continue to weave in the incense stick until itís all in the candle jar.
- Continue to concentrate on the flame and feel your energy connecting to the flame
- Hold this meditation first for 5 minutes, and then work up to 20 minutes
- Finish the meditation when the flame burns out or when you cannot hold it any longer
- Put out all tea lights and the candle jar

Exercise 2: Communicating with the Environment

- Choose a meditation space based on the energy you feel. (Choose a place you feel relaxed in)
- Go into a moderate state of meditation
- Become energetically aware of your surroundings. Feel the energy of the place around you
- Feel your energy interacting with the energy around you
- Hold this first for 5 minutes and work up to 20 minutes
- Finish your meditation when you are ready

Week 11: Refining and Purifying

Exercise 1: Raising and Lowering Personal Vibrations

- Choose the same meditation spot you chose from the previous exercise
- Go into a moderate state of meditation
- Feel your energy as a whole circulating and moving through your body.
- Visualize a number out of 12 and ask where your vibrations are currently sitting. (Normally you should be a 7 or an 8, if youíre stressed a 4 or 5, and neutral a 6)
- Feel the energy at the vibration you are at.
- Now, feel the energy of the vibration raise to the next level. (You should feel like youíre floating while doing this)
- Continue moving your vibrations upward until you hit the number you feel comfortable accomplishing, or until you reach 12.
- Hold this feeling for 5 minutes and work up to 20 minutes.
- Feel your vibrations lowering back to the number above the number you began at. (If you were at 7, lower to 8, etc.)
- Finish your meditation

Exercise 2: Purifying Negative Energy

- Go into a moderate state of meditation
- Feel the negative energy within your chakras (This might take some time, but let it happen naturally.)
- Visualize a white ribbon of light coming from the sky and into your crown chakra, pushing out the negative energy
- Visualize this white ribbon of light moving through each of your chakras cleansing and purifying energy as it goes
- Allow the white ribbon to flow through your root and into the earth, taking with it any negativity in your chakras
- Finish your meditation

Congratulations! Youíve successfully completed this chapter and you are ready to move on to the next section!

Heart of All
July 15th, 2008, 11:35 AM
I have two questions.

1. Am I correct in assuming these are to be daily exercises?

2. I will not be able to do the candle one. Nine weeks from now I will be back in college, where candle ownership is a $500 fine. Should I do an alternate exercise, or just do the communicating with the environment one?

July 15th, 2008, 04:59 PM
These can be twice a week or three times if you prefer.

for the candle one, you can do the earth one if you like, or try to find something to represent fire during that one, a lava stone, or red jasper could do it for you.


Heart of All
August 19th, 2008, 10:49 PM
I just wanted to let you know that I'm still working on these. I might be about a week behind because of moving, but I'm still working.

And it's working. I've noticed that my intuition about simple things like when people are going to call has gotten much stronger.

September 14th, 2008, 11:24 AM
Oh great!

I was hoping you hadn't quit the class yet!