View Full Version : The Dedication - Thanks to Thee, God

July 21st, 2008, 07:57 PM

Taing dhuit, a Dhe Thug mise bho 'n de Gu tos an diugh, Chum solas siorruidh A chosnadh dha m' chre Le feum maith. 'S air son gach tiodhlac sith A dh'iobair thu dhomh, Mo smuaine, mo bhriathra, Mo ghniamha, mo thoil, Tha mi tionnsgann duit. Tha mi 'g urnuigh riut, Tha mi griasad ort, Mo chumail bho lochd, Mo chomhnadh an nochd, Air sgath do lot, Le oifreil do ghrais.


Thanks to Thee, God Who brought'st me from yesterday To the beginning of to-day, Everlasting joy To earn for my soul With good intent. And for every gift of peace Thou bestowest on me, My thoughts, my words, My deeds, my desires I dedicate to Thee. I supplicate Thee, I beseech Thee, To keep me from offence, And to shield me to-night, For the sake of Thy wounds With Thine offering of grace.