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August 12th, 2008, 11:02 AM
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From here (http://www.mirror.co.uk/latest-news/sport/2008/08/11/prodigy-daley-refuses-to-be-downcast-115875-20693272/):

Fourteen-year-old diving prodigy Tom Daley put on a brave face after placing last in his Olympic debut on Monday, saying he had "great fun" and would be steadier in his next event.

Daley and partner Blake Aldridge placed eighth in the men's synchronised 10 metre platform final, a competition won by the Chinese duo of Lin Yue and Huo Liang, who dominated the event from the first dive.

"It was really good fun, it was really exciting. It was a good experience, but you know, it wasn't the best that we've dived and it was a bit disappointing," Daley told reporters.

Daley became Britain's second-youngest Olympian when he took his first leap off the dizzyingly high platform on Monday, and his presence in Beijing has been causing a media frenzy.

It's a shame, as I think it would've been great if he had won, but, at least, we (the UK) won Gold in the women's swimming.

From here (http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/olympics/2008/08/11/swimming-rebecca-adlington-first-british-woman-to-win-gold-in-pool-for-48-years-115875-20692854/):

Britain's Rebecca Adlington won a gold medal in the Olympic 400 metres freestyle final in Beijing today - the first British woman to win in the pool since Anita Lonsborough triumphed in 1960.

And team-mate Jo Jackson took the bronze medal, meaning the British swimming team have already bettered the two bronze medals they won in Athens, before later claiming a place in the semi-finals of the 200 metres freestyle

Adlington, the first British woman to win an Olympic swimming medal since Sarah Hardcastle in Los Angeles in 1984, told the BBC: "I really didn't know what to expect going up there. "To get a medal in the Olympics, I'm overwhelmed, I'm so pleased. "I've got to thank my family, they will be sat at home watching it on TV, thank you so much for watching. "It's fantastic, we have come so far."

The 19-year-old from Mansfield beat Australia's Katie Hoff by seven hundredths of a second, pipping her with virtually the last stroke in a thrilling finish.

You can read more about her story here (http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/olympics/2008/08/12/antita-lonsbrough-hails-rebecca-adlington-s-gold-medal-115875-20694133/) and about an Olympic ticket scam that her parents got tricked into, here (http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/latest/2008/08/12/adlington-s-parents-victims-of-ticket-scam-115875-20694284/).

Then there's Nicole Cooke, who won the women's cycling race.

From here (http://www.mirror.co.uk/latest-news/sport/2008/08/10/cooke-wins-wet-road-race-gold-115875-20692191/):

Nicole Cooke won Britain's first gold of the Games after surviving an uphill sprint finish in the chilly, pouring rain in the women's Olympic 126-km road race on Sunday.

After a slippery ride on the hilly roads around the Great Wall, Cooke held on to her slim lead during the last 100 meters to narrowly beat Sweden's Emma Johansson who took the silver and Tatiana Guderzo of Italy who came in third.

"I did it, I did it," screamed Cooke as she rushed to hug fellow British cyclists after the finish.

The weather couldn't have been more different from one day ago when one-third of the men dropped out of the road race amid suffocating heat and humidity.

You can read more stories here (http://www.mirror.co.uk/search.cfm?what=Nicole+Cooke+)

Hopefully, Tom Daley will win the Gold in 2012, which will be really cool, for the UK, and, especially, him.

The only thing is, I think his partner, Blake Aldridge, was a bit of an jerk, and an asshole, to him.

From here (http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/columnists/holt/2008/08/12/blake-aldridge-rant-spoils-tom-daley-s-olympic-fairytale-115875-20694105/):

Blake Aldridge has spent his recent life living in the shadow of a small 14-year-old boy who became a national hero.

Yesterday, he decided to get his own back and turned a British Olympic fairy tale into something more akin to an act of betrayal.

Aldridge may well have good reasons for resenting the publicity and adoration that has been lavished upon his synchronised diving partner Tom Daley.

But the venom with which he rounded on Britain's second youngest Olympian after the pair finished last in the 10m synchronised final was a cruel way to ruin a feel-good story and destroy the fragile confidence of a kid.

Again, from here (http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2008/08/12/off-at-the-deep-end-115875-20694062/):

Diving team insiders last night rounded on Blake Aldridge after he shamefully blamed teenage prodigy Tom Daley for their Olympic flop.

Tom, 14, was aghast at the older man's lack of concentration as he phoned his mum in the crowd while they waited for their last jump.

The youngster raged: "What are you doing, Blake? We're in a competition, we have a dive to do."

But Games insiders were stunned at Blake's petulant over-reaction.

Olympic silver medallist Leon Taylor, mentor to our diving team, said: "Synchronised diving is a partnership. The last thing you need to be doing is apportioning blame."

Team supremo Steve Foley added: "When we looked at it afterwards, Blake realised he would never usually make a phone call in the middle of a competition."

Tom, 14, has an another chance of glory on August 22 when he bids to make the individual final.

Finally, from here (http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/latest/2008/08/12/young-daley-attacked-by-partner-over-performance-115875-20693700/):

The diving partner of Tom Daley has blamed the 14-year-old for their disappointing performance in the Olympic synchronised event and revealed they had a spat over a mobile phone call before their final dive.

Daley and Blake Aldridge placed eighth and last in the 10-metre platform final on Monday.

"I didn't blow anything, so I can go home happy," said Aldridge. "Unfortunately it's a partnership, you both have to be on the top of your game. I wasn't on top of my game but Tom was nowhere near the top of his."

Aldridge said Daley was annoyed with Aldridge for signalling to his mother that she should ring him after the event.

"There was a little incident but it is an Olympic Games, you are in a different world and people are going to do things differently," he was quoted as saying on the BBC website.

"He had a pop at me before the last dive. I saw my mum in the audience and I asked her to give me a call and Tom went to me 'Why are you on the phone? We're still in the competition and we've got another dive to do'.

I mean, like the Olympic Chiefs said, you shouldn't have a go at your partner, like:

Olympic silver medallist Leon Taylor, mentor to our diving team, said: "Synchronised diving is a partnership. The last thing you need to be doing is apportioning blame."

So, Tom was nervous, I'm sure everyone was nervous, he's also 14, and he was, probably, excited too. Personally, like I said, I'm hoping Tom continues to get better and better, and win the Gold in 2012, or, maybe on the 22nd August:

Tom, 14, has an another chance of glory on August 22 when he bids to make the individual final.

I don't think he expected to win anyway, the first time anyway, 'cause, he saw it, I think, as preparing himself, experience, etc.

Personally, he seems a cool guy, and, he didn't say anything negative about Blake at all, to the media.

It is really cool, though, that we've got, I think, 3 Gold Medals already (or, is it more?).