View Full Version : what the heck is up with zone?

August 20th, 2008, 12:04 AM
this is for people that have played final fantasy 8. those of you that have should be familar with 'the forest owls' member Zone. what the heck was up with that guy?!

his stomach was always killing him. did the stress of being a restiance member give him an ulcer or something?

August 22nd, 2008, 04:44 AM
Probably, or he was faking digestive problems to get out of doing things because he was a bit of a coward, IIRC. VideoGameRecaps has another take on it though.

After they board the train car, it pulls away from the platform, and we get to see all the hot action that's going on inside. Wait, that sounds wrong. A blue-shirted guy who has the posture of a pregnant woman greets them. His name is Zone, but we'll call him Pregnant Guy, or PG for short.
PG is scared of Squally when he's angry. "This is the last time for this kinda thing," Squally informs PG coldly. PG crouches down and clutches his stomach in pain. I guess he's going into labor. One of the guys in the room right before the princess' (no, I didn't get lost) reiterates how scary it is to wake her up. She sure sounds like a winner.
Rinhoa tells everyone to decide the party. Marty is out, as he's more into spying than doing any actual mission stuff. Pregnant Guy goes into labor again. Rinhoa is peeved. That leaves the SeeDs, like that's any huge surprise. Rinhoa tells Squally to talk to Marty when he's ready. Squally instead goes over and reads some "Anarchist Monthly" clippings on the bulletin board. They give a bunch of information about what a bastard President Deling is and how everyone hates him. Really?
Since PG is not a playable character, he gives his ticket to Quistis. Quistis tries to refuse, but PG goes into another fit of labor and shoves his ticket at Quistis before going to hide in the corner. Rinhoa's all worried that she won't see him again, but he tells her he'll be okay. Unfortunately for all of us, that's true.