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September 1st, 2008, 02:12 PM
Lesson 1a

The first thing to do is to take a paper, and a pen/pencil and draw the floor plan of your home. Keep this handy as we will be using it a lot.

You do NOT have to figure out how to share that information with us, it is yours to keep and use.

If you have more then one floor, then you need to do a separate paper for each floor. We will go through the details that are needed to be marked in the house. If you live in an apartment or duplex, make sure and draw out also where you are in the apartment and make sure and tell me in the discussion thread – I live in an apartment, or I live in a duplex – because we will want to address that for you!

This drawing does not have to be to scale or perfection. Simply draw out each room. Do make a special note if there is a part of the house that juts out or in. Meaning if your home is an L shape, or if like my home there is a bedroom upstairs that is “bumped out” on one side. If you have a home that is not a square or a rectangle then make sure you note that in the discussion thread – because we will want to address that for you!

Then make some notes as they apply to your space.

I hate this bathroom.
I love this bathroom.

Lots of clutter in here.
No one likes to really spend time in here.

Everyone gravitates to this room.

What ever it may be for each room or area. Also make note of storage areas. For example in my own home, the upstairs hallway has a built in linen closet – between the kitchen and the bathroom.

I suggest that you use a separate piece of paper for the notes of each room – because we will be referring back to those.

Also keep in mind you may be very neutral about a room, sometimes a hall is just a hall or a family room a family room and nothing really stands out. That is ok!

Lastly I want you to figure out the directions for your home, North, South, East and West. Simply mark them on your house drawing so we can refer back to the cardinal directions.

So please post any questions in the 1a discussion thread.

And post in there when you have completed the first assignment of drawing out the house, and completing the how I feel about the space paper.