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September 1st, 2008, 02:13 PM
Welcome to the first class of 5 on Feng Shui, thanks for choosing to invest your time with me. There are many, many basic thoughts of what is proper and improper Feng Shui and we would need more then 5 weeks to get through all of them. Basically all share one belief and that is the flow of the energy through your space. Allowing the Chi, the energy and abundance to flow into and through your space.

This allows you to have more personal power, better success as a student or at work, better health and even better relationships and wisdom. It also looks closely at places where your energy is stagnant, or cluttered, and or being flushed right down the toilet.

Some examples I have a girlfriend who said to me I have FS my home, my bedroom is my relationship area, I have invested time and money and energy into it. BUT ever since - I feel like everything in my relationship is a struggle, I can't keep up, I can't get back into an 'us' groove...please will you help me?

Of course! I walked into the bedroom and burst out laughing! You know the kind of laughing where you have to sit down on the floor and tears come down your face. Now keep in mind this is a good friend, not a consultation AND she has some experience with Feng Shui! In the most relationship area she could find for her home, she moved her treadmill, and her stair climber. When I got done laughing, we moved them and with in a couple of days all was back on track.

That is the kind of stuff you will be able to do by the end of this class. You will be able to walk into a space and smile and either nod or shake your head; because you will have practical tools that you can apply.

Each week I will post a lesson, and a separate discussion/assignment thread. I ask that you please post your questions there as there should only be a rare occasion you need to pm me. Also know I will answer the questions and assignments in the lesson threads BEFORE any pms. Lastly please make sure and do the work from week to week as we will build up on it. You will have a full week to be able to address each thread and this will not be a high pressure type of class. In order for you to get the most out of it you will want to work the steps each week.

Here is a brief outline of where we are headed this month and then let's head over to 1a for this weeks class!

September 1 class 1a Floor plan, more then one floor, apartments, mobile homes, studios!
September 8 class 2 The overlays and areas you want to improve upon, where you have lack!
September 15 class 3 - Application in your office at home or another location!
September 22 class 4 - Your children, your mate, how to co-exist and still have some harmony!
September 29 class 5 - Wrap up tie in and changes and I will allow 2 full weeks that I will answer replies and help you tweak and apply to your situation then I will lock the classroom.

IF there is interest I will teach another series on the outside of your home and how to apply FS.

much love

ps: go to class 1a