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September 12th, 2008, 03:57 PM
What is it to be psychic, is probably a frequently asked question, along with 'Can anyone be psychic?'. I am a firm believer that all humans are created psychic, but not all manage to hold onto it into adulthood. It is a well known fact that children are very much open, and often not only have psychic experiences, but also often see spirit. This is because they have yet to have been told that what they are experiencing is just fantasy...a figment of their imagination. How many of you have been told to 'stop making up stories' or something similar, in your childhood? Also, the logical mind tends to take over as we grow up, which can also close us off to psychic experiences, for we begin to rationalise everything and become shuttered to anything that might actually be psychic in nature.

Put in it's most simple terms, a Psychic is someone who is able to reach out and use the energies from what is called the 'universal consciousness', or from others' energies. We all give off energy ( our individual energy fields can extend as much as 20 feet), and this energy can be 'picked up' on, if you like, and information obtained from it, whether it be thought or feeling. Thought is energy, hence the belief held by some that we control our own destinies via our thoughts (ever heard of a self-fulfilling There is even such a thing as residual energy, which remains attached to buildings and even objects, enabling those who are attuned enough, to pick up emotions and even facts connected to those who inhabited those buildings or owned the objects.

This ability is called psychometry and is one of the psychic abilities, which include telepathy (picking up on others' thoughts), empathy (picking up on the feelings of others), telekinesis (being able to move objects with the power of mind alone), Precognition/Prophecy (the ability to predict events before they occur) Aura reading (the ability to see the invisible energy field around living things), Intuition (the most basic psychic ability that all experience at one time or another...the so-called 'gut feeling'), Healing (the ability to heal others using one's own energy...Reiki is a popular form of this), Remote Viewing (the ability to project the consciousness to another location and describe things in said location), Scrying (often done with the aid of a crystal ball or scrying mirror and what I term the 'Clair' abilities, which are generally those that enable one to connect to spirits, aka those who have passed on. These are Clairvoyance ( clear sight), Clairaudience ( the ability to hear beyond natural sounds), Clairsentience (ability to pick up sensations and emotions from beyond),Clairscentience (The ability to pick up on smells from beyond), Clairempathy (the ability to feel emotions from another realms) and clairgustance (ability to experience taste from beyond).

I plan on exploring as many of these abilities as possible, along with Psychic Protection (which I consider essential and which will be the next lesson), although the Clair abilities will be a separate course, as I class those as being in the realms of mediumship, and not all psychics are mediums. If you are sensitive to spirit, this course and it's tasks should open you up enough that you will soon find out if you are sensitive to spirit, if you do not already know.

I suggest any questions or insight are added to each class discussion thread.
I want everyone to basically have a think of what psychic experiences they believe they have already had and how these experiences made them feel.
I want to know also what each of you wants to get out of this course, and what you might like to see covered (if it is within my realm of knowledge, I shall do my best to accomodate it).

The next class, as said, will cover psychic protection, but also the Chakras, which you need to learn to be able to open when you wish to work psychically, and close when you wish to stop working. In fact, closing the chakras is one component of psychic protection. I plan on posting the next class within the next week, since I consider this more of an introduction.