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February 10th, 2001, 04:27 AM
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Astrology is the science that explores the ocrrelations between celestial bodies and animate and inanimate objects. It is the parent of astronomy and for many years they were one science. As it stands now, astonomy is an objective science while astrology is a subjective science. There fore the charting of the horoscope is an astronomical process and the judgement or delination of the horoscope is an astrological process.
Astrology deals with angles between the planets and their observed meaning for humanity. The signs are a way of dividing the heavens and so are the houses, but these are based upon the place of birth. The sign is considered to be how action manifests and the house is the place where the action occurs with the planet as what the motivating power or force is.
Astrology teaches us that there is harmony and symmetry in the univers and that everyone is part of the whole. Thus astrology is a philosphy which helps explain life and not a predictive are or sciende. The purpose of astrology is not to blame the planets but to learn about our won selves by planetary indications.
The signs are divisions of space along a circle called the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the path through the heavens that all planets appear to follow. There are 360 degrees in a circle and there are 12 signs, each occupying a segment of exactly 30 degrees. 30x12=360
Aries is the name given to the first 30 degree sector that begins with the vernal equinox, which is aroung March 20th or 21st each year. The Sun does not always ener the sign pn the sam eday each year because there are 360 degrees in the circle and 365 days in the year. Therefore the signs are calculated for the Aries ingress or the point at which the Sun reaches 0 degree Aries. This point can fall in any of the constellations depending on the time of day and season you were born in.


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That's the sound of me trying to swallow all of that information... I think my brain was just fried!!

Warn me next time and I will put on a pot of coffee, and meditate for my own protection first...


I am just in a playful mood today, don't be offended... that was a wonderful post!!!



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hehehee, and that was just the Intro!


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Whew!!! I think I will also have to meditate first...or at least approach it when I am not dreading having to leave for work in an hour. I think perhaps tomorrow would be a better time to step up to the plate so to speak. I love the way you started basic though. I think I will be able to grasp it better when I am not just scanning the boards!!
Thank you so much!


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Sounds difficult. But I will do my best to follow.


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It would probably be easier to read without those typos! Yikes, sorry everyone.
And don't get discouraged. Learning is a process and one we will do all together. So ask away, if you have a question.
Just remember this one rule of thumb.
Astrology is not the same as Fate.
Astrology shows potentials, just a a map shows many possible routes.
There is nothing absolute in astrology. Instead of looking to astrology for answers, look at for Choices.
YOU provide the answers, YOU pick the route you want to take.


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I am going to try to study this today...this site has me....busssssssyyyyy. :P