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May 11th, 2001, 10:27 AM
I'm starting a new garden soon. I need sugestions for flowers to put in it. Any and all are helpful.

May 11th, 2001, 10:43 AM
well so what type of garden is it... what climate do you live in? Oh and also, do you plan to grow plants/flowers for magical use or just because "it's nice with flowers in the garden..." =)


May 11th, 2001, 11:01 AM
I live in a temperate climate, a flower garden, but can add herbs, and yes/no

May 11th, 2001, 02:14 PM

You might want to start by thinking in terms of a theme. Like Emy mentioned, will it be a magickal garden? Any magickal theme can incorporate pretty flowers such as a garden for love with beautiful roses. If you have plenty of shade consider a moon garden like I'm working on right now with fragrant flowers that bloom in the evening. You might want to look into gardening books, both magickal and mundane. On the magickal side I recomend Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs and Dorothy Morrison's Bud, Blossom & Leaf. Look through gardening magazines for ideas and finally, just go down to your local nursery and see what appeals to you. Best of all enjoy!

May 14th, 2001, 10:40 AM
Thanx for the advice. I'll keep that in mind. :cool: I could use ideas for a Sunrise garden, though. ;)

Silver Venus
May 15th, 2001, 07:36 AM
Tempest69 I love your image ~ it made me laugh!! Good luck with your Sunrise Garden!! :sunny: