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October 4th, 2008, 11:32 PM
I recently reviewed this deck and guidebook for New Age Journal online. Here's a slightly different version of the review for this forum:

The Whispering Tarot Deck and
The Whispering Tarot: Softly Spoken Secrets
by Elizabeth Hazel
Deck, 78 cards, $25.00
Guidebook, 55 pp., $10.00

I have just had the delightful opportunity to review Elizabeth Hazelís The Whispering Tarot and its accompanying guidebook, The Whispering Tarot: Softly Spoken Secrets. I must say that this whimsical deck not only whispers but giggles. The brightly-colored and boisterous images convey meanings that are far less rigid than other decks such as the iconic Rider-Waite-Smith or the more heavy-handed Thoth deck. For example, the normally staid Heirophant is given a new visual: ďA guru levitates onto a sunbeam. Beneath him is the scene of a Middle-Eastern city, with onion-domed towers. A temple rises in the foregroundÖĒ

Hazel uses pen and ink drawing that feel alive. In my initial reading with The Whispering Tarot deck, a pairing of The Fool and the Ace of Wands caught my attention. Clearly, this conveyed creativity and a new beginning for me, as it might with other decks -- but with Hazelís cards, the Fool with all his chakras open and reaching for a star just seemed to carry the meaning of fresh potential for me. Her bucolic Ace of Wands, meanwhile, is a wonderful scene of everything Eostre: a bonfire, a rabbit, daffodils, and green, green grass.

There is an element of the fairy tale to The Whispering Tarot Ė with actual faeries are noted too. Indeed, they are highlighted in the beautiful Ten of Cups which demonstrates an idyllic scene of a farmhouse with the winged beings floating about in the magical woods. Mermaids and even a baby dragon hatching from an egg make their presence as well in other cards.

And for some strange reason, the Two of Swords where ďa woman enters through a picket fence. Behind her, a wind zephyr blows a cloudy skyĒ reminded me of a scene out of Mary Poppins! Actually, this deck made me think of the Alice in Wonderland deck as well. Maybe itís just me but that is the light-hearted energy these cards contain. The cards are friendlier to hold and shuffle as they are smaller than most, poker-sized. Overall, I am happy to add The Whispering Tarot with its gently laughing secrets to my tarot collection.

Owd Scrat
January 11th, 2009, 02:55 AM
The Whispering Tarot is one of my absolute favourite decks now! I received it in the beginning og last August and then bought the print companion book when that came out.

The immense detail, line work, vivid & rich colours make this deck a complete stunner! It stands apart from most decks. I have never seen the incredible detail on such a smaller deck....ever. :fpraise:

Besides all that, while she follows the RWS model, she has her very own unique and amazing take on most of the cards. It's very cohesive as a deck. I think this is my favourite Moon card in any deck....ever. I think what seals the deal for me though is that is has a distinct fairytale flavour and energy. Magical and earthy. A very "shire" deck if you will! :) It's become my comfy deck that feels so at home.

I have around 320 decks....soon to be a bit more! Just wanted to add my 2 cents about this gorgeous and enchanting Tarot.

January 11th, 2009, 12:49 PM
wow...320 decks...Now I can tell hubby see I don't have so many decks. LOL