View Full Version : ssx 3 peak 3 HELP NEEDED

October 14th, 2008, 12:41 PM
Has anybody gotten a Gold in SSX 3, the slope style in the 3rd peak? I've tried everything and I've only gotten a silver once.

November 25th, 2008, 09:04 AM
im hoping you have a PS2 but i hope this helps found this online

1. Starting out of the gate, do a double flip misty to get some boost and
begin your combo run. The longer combo you hold, the higher your score
will be. It is assumed in this guide that you will always do board presses
in between each jump to continue your combo, though I will understand
if you can't, heheh.

2. As you go down the ramp, hit it dead center and do a big trick onto
the large pillar looking hill ahead, hitting the 2x. As you land, continue
board pressing and make your way over the little hill to the right and
watch out for the snowmobile making it's way off the hill. Jump either off
the rail or the hill before it and hit the 10x for about 90-120K.

3. If you landed on the area below the rail, continue your combo into the
area ahead, shooting off the steep incline and doing as many level 1 Ubers
as you can to fill up your UBER meter. If you continued on the area on the
other side of the rail, hit the green rail and do 2 rail Ubers and jump off
the hill ahead, doing 2 Level 1 Ubers.

4. On the area below, catch the green rail to the left and boost off, doing
a big Uber trick through the 2x for about 30K. After you land, make your
way around the corner to the right.

5. Ahead is a jump, and jump and Uber as far to the right on this curved
ramp as you can - you will catch a hard-to-see 5x for about 50K. Target
score: 300K

6. Do a Uber and hold it off the big jump ahead, continuing your combo
if you can. After you land, make your way down the hill to the ramp on
the left and do a very small jump/Uber through the 2000 point bonus. If
you don't crash, do a quick trick off the ledge here, back onto the lower
area below.

7. Ahead is the most important part of the track. After a short hill you
will see two ramps - one on the right and one on the left. You want to
boost and jump off the LEFT ramp, but angled to the RIGHT. If you get
enough air you can do an Uber trick worth 30K and catch a 10x multiplier
for about 300K! It's very tricky, however, and not easy. You must get
mega-height on this jump, and it's probably the hardest part of the
walkthrough. To get 750K without doing one continuous combo, however,
it's vital that you get all three 10x combo that this track offers.
Target Score: 575-600K.

8. After you've landed the trick, continue ahead and do a quick Uber off
the hill here through the 2000 point bonus. Then, turn to the left and
do another long Uber off the ramp here. You can get 15-20K if you hold
your Uber.

9. Continue ahead to the left and do an Uber off the embankment here, and
you can catch a 2x multiplier for about 35K. After you land, immediately
turn sharp to the right and board to the right side of the cavern. You
want to take the right path in the cavern as it offers many better multi-
pliers than the rail-heavy left path.

10. Once you reach the right path, catch the main rail here on the
hill and hold a rail Uber through the 2x. After you get off the rail, do
a quick Uber off the left side of the curved ramp here and catch the 5x
for about 25-50K. Target score: 675K

11. You can try for the gold 2x over the next ramp, but it's not easy.
Go to the next jump and hit the rail on it to do a 20K combo through
the 2x. You may be over 715K here if you haven't crashed yet. After
you land, continue doing assorted tricks and such off rails and jumps
if you can, but give yourself plenty of room to do the final big jump.

12. Once you see the final jump, align yourself with the far left of
it and give yourself plenty of room. You want to jump and hit the 10x
here, and you can save yourself from a terrible run if you do so. Jump
at the very top of the jump after getting a good start, and if you hit
it, make sure to land the trick. If you're like me, dance once you
cross the finish line and be happy you don't have to do Kick Doubt
anymore. :) Target score: 750-950K