View Full Version : Okay, am now working on a storyboard

October 3rd, 2002, 01:53 PM
how many of you have done them in the past and which medium
did you prefer?

October 3rd, 2002, 11:47 PM
I've never done storyboards before, but if I did, I would choose inks, or colored pencils.

October 8th, 2002, 01:12 PM
I did a storyboard for my production seminar for some PSA's and commercials. I used a computer program :)

October 8th, 2002, 01:13 PM
. . . and also for a short film. I forgot.

October 14th, 2002, 01:56 AM
I sketch things out on scrap paper first, usually, so I can move things around without worrying about messing up the final surface. Then, depending on what it's going to be used for, I'll either do the finished images on illustration board (cold press) or on hardy bristol.
I like to work in ink, and sketch in graphite. However if it needs color, I'll outline in acrylics, and paint fill in with that or gouache. Prismacolor markers work well too.

Old Witch
October 14th, 2002, 03:08 PM
Good colored pencils...........