View Full Version : citronella bark collars?

November 6th, 2008, 10:16 PM
I have a 4 lb chihuahua. I love her dearly, but as I'm spending a lot more time at home lately, I'm starting to go crazy listening to her barking all day. She barks when I get up in the morning, she barks when she's just running around the house playing, and she barks whenever anyone gets home. It used to be worse, she would sit in the front window and bark at a leaf falling from the tree, but we put a door blocking off the front room, so she can't get there anymore. Still, I can't stand this barking anymore!
Its going to be a few weeks before I can even afford a bark collar for her, but I need to do something soon. I prefer the citronella collars to the shock ones, or even the ultrasonic ones (I have hearing issues, and have a different range of frequencies than most people- while I can't exactly hear them, I can sort of feel it in my head, and its not pleasant).
Right now, the only thing I can do to get her to stop barking is to shout at her... But I know thats the wrong approach, and its not going to solve the barking issue in the long run.
I just need the barking to stop. So I'd really like to try out a citronella collar. Problem is, the smallest one I can find is for dogs over 6 pounds. She weighs 4 pounds, and has a 9 inch neck. Does anyone know any place that might carry them for toy breeds? I just can't stand the thought of putting a shock collar on her, I think it would drive her crazy, she's a neurotic dog as it is. The spray would annoy her, but I think it would be more effective for her...