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November 7th, 2008, 05:28 PM
I have been experiencing a string of synchronistic events that
are telling me to stop drinking alcohol. I relapsed 2 month ago.

1. I'm taking a class at the community college just to get credits to be licensed
in this state...I didn't even know what the class was about...but it offered the
right amount of credits at a cheap price so I jumped on it...the first day of class
(which was Monday,) was on the 6 stages of addiction.

2. My old A.A. sponsor from a year ago called me out of the blue on Wednesday.

3. My nephew is dropping out of college due to drug addiction...(he told his Mom
on Tuesday and she got so upset she had a mild heart attack and has been
taking various tests all week.)

5. I notice all the drinking my sister-in law and hubby do and how stressed out
they are when not drinking. She threatened to leave him twice this week.

6. My husband and I were fighting alot and on Wednesday we almost split...until
we realized how the nightly drinking was affecting our moods and attitude

7. I started getting depressed; alcohol is a depressant

8. I noticed I was only releasing happy endorphins while drinking and was
starting to look forward to 5:00pm. as the happy part of the day.

9. I noticed I was beginning to gulp drinks

10. I noticed I was skipping dinner to maintain the buzz

11. I dreamed the beautiful white carpet in the living room was flooded with red

All these events happened in a short period of time...I know their is some
force in the universe that lined them up for me...I feel grateful, happy and peaceful
and I know everything is going to be ok.

November 7th, 2008, 07:32 PM
The universe has certainly sent you many messages, now what are you going to do about them?