View Full Version : FS: New! Chandra Pads cloth menstrual pads

October 7th, 2002, 05:18 PM
I usually just make these pads for friends as gifts, but I had some extra material and thought I'd finish off a batch and put them up here.

These Chandra pad holders are made from a layer of black cotton velveteen, a layer of silky, brethable, water-resistant nylon, and a layer of cotton batik (dark read angel fish pattern). Inserts are made of two layers of cotton sherpa, which are folded in half for a total of 4 layers. The holder has wings that wrap around the undies for extra protection, and stay in place with snaps.

Chandra pads are 11 inches long, and 3.25 inches wide, wider at the top and bottom.

Pictures show the pad in snapped position (blue pad not for sale, example only) and the underside, where inserts are inserted. S-design closure helps keep inserts tucked inside. The second photo shows the actual pad for sale (though my scanner sucks something awful...you get the idea).

I have 5 pads available. $7.00 per set (set includes holder and one insert), $2.00 per extra insert. Prices do not include shipping.

If interested, please EMAIL me at technicalpoet@yahoo.com

Once these are gone, they're gone until/unless I get the time, urge, resources to make more.

Thanks for looking!