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December 9th, 2008, 09:28 AM
I sit here with my thoughts and ponder the mysteries of the harmonic chaos of existence.

Why is it that there is a razors edge between genius and insanity?
Why are the brightest the most likely to fall victim to obsessions?
I think sometimes that there is a great deal of truth to the old saying about ignorance being bliss.

Having said that I must also say that ignorance disgusts me. Especially self imposed ignorance, the kind where people refuse to learn about a thing because they feel deep within themselves that they would have to consider and actually form a different opinion. These people will mount the pulpit to scream about what they have stupidly decided is right, not to convince you and I. No, they do it to convince themselves. If you attempt to counter with actual facts they will shout louder and deny you the opportunity to speak, because as we all know the one who shouts the loudest and the most is always right. So my new method of talking to these people will be to allow my eyes to glaze over just a little, possibly allow some spittle to come out of the corners of my mouth while I agree with them and encourage them to continue to ramble!

While at dinner last night in a popular I overheard several conversations. A young woman in particular made my ears point up. She opened the conversation with "I didn't vote for Obama, but not because he is black." I grabbed Mrs. Asshats hand and said just listen, don't kill her. As Mrs. Asshat settled back into her chair the young woman continued saying if Biden had been running for president she would have voted for him, and this on the tails of just having said she didn't like the Democratic party.
Mrs. Asshat and I discussed this between ourselves and came to the obvious conclusion that from the opening statement made by this young woman that she is indeed a bigot and her vote was determined solely by color. Now, understand that while Mrs. Asshat and myself both feel that Obama was by far the better candidate neither one of us feel that the world is now a better place. This isn't about politics. This is about the ways people can and will unthinkingly deceive themselves.

It takes determination and old fashioned guts to look in the mirror and stare the reflection down until all the makeup is stripped away and the soul is laid bare. The first time I ever did it I ended up sweating and with shaky legs. And a healthy disdain for myself which allowed me to make some changes.

People are forgetting how to think. Thinking has been replaced with robotic responses to something half heard (because people have also forgotten how to listen) that they have managed to convince themselves that has actually come from them.

The good news is that this can be a tool. Yes, a tool. A carefully thought out and defensible opinion can be presented in such a way as to sway sheep. It can be done to change the world or as I prefer to amuse myself and give me something to laugh about.

There is a razors edge between genius and insanity that is called laughter. So look around. Listen. Manipulate.

And don't forget to laugh.