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December 22nd, 2008, 05:08 AM
This Night

In shuttered vault I sit this night
While winds they blow across the land, a frozen blight

Behind wooded teeth I hide in sight
Yet fangs of cold into wood they bite

Through glassy eyes I see without
Through glassy eyes the wind screams and shouts

An aged plate raised by the hand of man
With jagged teeth the bite began

Walls, oh how they do shimmer and shake
Outside the winds attempt to force the break

Inside my vault I wait the hours of night
Upon the outer face the deep cold lies just out of sight

Behind me the heat, it rises high
Below me my feet, where cold does lie

Warm current it rises within the house
Yet cold it creeps like hidden mouse

A breath of warmth it fills my skin
From hidden crack the cold seeps in

The smell of wood it rises high
It masks the fact of coldís deep lie

Nary a sound is heard within
Yet crash is the voice of the blowing wind

Fingers have search to block the way
Tonight fingers of cold seek entrance to me they say

Yes wood once split by hand of man
Outside it lies on frozen land

A snap and a crack are fireís tune
A hush and a rush are the colds deep bloom

In the belly of the beast I sit so tight
Outside the beast roars with cold delight

Yet wood and fire are mine tonight
They keep the beast at bay in the cold dark night

A barrier they form in face of man
Yet let the beast roar he canít get in

A battle is waged this night you see
A battle that keeps the house warm and cold from me

On my side the struggle takes form
Out side in the night the cold takes storm

Yet let the cold blast and whittle away
Let the wind demand and threaten to have its own way
Inside my vault itís warm and there will I stay

So let the storm rage and blow on the land
Let the cold reach out and offer its hand
For tonight Iíll have none of it and thatís where I stand