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January 19th, 2009, 01:29 PM
There was once a wolf whom everyone feared. He was cunning, wise, and eager for battle. He roamed the land at night, looking for unsuspecting victims. This wolf wasn't like any other: he did not kill his prey (at least not on his late-night runs) but made them wish they were dead. No, this wolf battled with words and intellect. Not everyone agreed with this philosophy, especially not the other wolfs. They didn't know that he wasn't like them...he was part human.

One night he came by a campsite in the middle of a clearing; a fire burned brightly therein but no one was around. There were no horses, not wagons...just the fire. Being cautious, this wolf walked up to the fire, looked around. He didn't smell human nor wolf, there was no evidence there that anyone had been around for some time. Still, the fire burned strong and hot. He was confused.

Looking up at the sky, he noticed that there was no moon. Odd, he thought, it was there a minute ago. Upon contemplating the disappearance of the moon, he felt something light straddle his back, causing him to jump and run away.

No matter how fast he ran, he couldn't shake the thing off of his back. The thing laughed at him joyfully as if it were enjoying the ride. Listening to the laughter, he realized that what was on his back was human-like. No, it couldn't be a human. Not even a child weighed so less.

"You like to battle with words, dear wolf?" the voice--feminine, young, and wise--asked.

(first part of my new story...rough draft...)

January 21st, 2009, 09:34 AM
The wolf tried to run faster, unsure of what to do or what to say. Did this thing know he wasn't just a wolf?

"Who are you?" he asked, a bit scared. Never before had anyone or anything sneaked up on him, much less straddle his back. Normally, his senses were so keen that he could smell something from miles away.

"That is of no importance. I come to give you a challenge. Do you accept?" the thing asked.

He stopped abruptly and threw his back legs up into the air. Still the thing held on. It laughed at him. For some reason he wasn't angry. How could one be mad at something that laughed like that?

"Are you trying to kill yourself? Do you believe you've met your match, dear wolf? Is your pride so strong that you would do thus?" the thing asked. He felt it crawl further up his body and felt breath on his ear, cold and light. "You can't get rid of me that easily," it whispered.

"What do you want?" he asked.

More laughter. "For a word-warrior you aren't very bright, are you? Of has your fear of little ol me caused your mind to go to sleep? We will battle. If not, you'll always have me on your back."

"How can i battle you if i can't see you?" the wolf asked, hoping that the thing would let him see.

"Ah! You need sight for battle with words? Hmm, perhaps you're not a good enough challenge for me, after all. Now, your prize--if you should conquer me with your wit--will be sight of me. My prize, we will discuss later."

Feeling very confident about his battle skills, he didn't care to know what she (for he thought the thing on his back was female) wanted from him. He just wanted her off of his back. He wanted to see her.

And thus they battled into the night, standing under the darkened sky in the clearing. No one moved, not even the wind spoke its usual words of wisdom. The wolf tried his best tactics but she didn't falter. In fact, her laughter and ease of words made the wolf think she was taking it easy on him.

She began speaking words of which he didn't understand by hearing them, but once he began to listen to his heart, he understood what she was saying. The words were so sad that they made him weep.

"Stop, i don't want to hear any more. Please, you win...just leave me alone!" he growled.

She sighed. "No, because if i win, i can't leave you alone. That is my prize. Your companionship."

He felt the weight leave his back, felt a small hand rub against his fur. In an instant, he stared into the most beautiful eyes he'd ever seen. The eyes were just one part of the beautiful face that they belonged to. The girl that stood before him wasn't human, wasn't an animal. She was one of Them. Fae.

He blinked and the eyes, though they were unchanged, now belonged to a beautiful white wolf. The wolf sank back, wanting to get a better look and make sure he wasn't imagining things, as the fae have a way to test other creatures. The shewolf put her head beside his, laying it on his neck affectionately.

"Can i have your name, please?"

She sighed. "No. That's not important. Call me yours because that's what i've always been. I promised we would meet, didn't I?"