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January 22nd, 2009, 12:58 PM
This was inspired by the thread in the Healing and Reiki forum on sending energy to the past.

First, the fundamental question on the nature of existence, reality, and time, and that is whether or not there are multiple timelines, and whether you can create a new one or not (that age old question that has led to so many books....:D).

I'm numbering these to make references back and forth more easily understandable, since I'm rambling over several ideas here.

1. Now, the main question is, supposing you wanted to change the past, or at least create a timeline in which things were different.

2. Do you think it's possible to project your consciousness back (complete with memories) into your earlier self (say childhood, or perhaps before some point in which in retrospect you realize or simply believe you made a terrible mistake), and start from that point knowing what you know now?

3. Another tangent: do you believe you can send memories of future events back across what we perceive as time? Do we perhaps do it unconsciously, thus explaining feelings of deja-vu or precognition?

4. Going back to questions 1 and 2, supposing you managed to change things, by projecting yourself back, what happens to this timeline and...this body (supposing you wanted to stay in the other timeline for the duration of that life)? Do you die? Would you set it up so that once you've done the other timeline and learned what you can, you come back to finish out this one?

5. yet another tangent: There are some Psi web sites that discuss remote viewing of past events. Out of simple curiosity, has anyone tried this with historical figures or ancestors? What did you find? As a side note, whether you have or not, do you consider it ethical to view someone else's past without them being able to give you permission (as in the above examples, they are already dead)?

Just some questions that were in a kind of embrionic form and crystallized when I read that thread....


January 22nd, 2009, 02:02 PM
A lot of mind bending questions to think about!
I will have to think about these more and come back and answer them another time. ;)
In answer to number 2, yes I think it is possible and probably happens. Perhaps this would explain some instances of deja vu? However, it would create some time paradoxes. If I go back and visit myself in the past to stop myself making a big mistake and am successful; then there would be no need for my future (or present) self to project back in time in the first place. :awilly: