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February 22nd, 2009, 01:30 AM
Below is a list of resources on the paranormal. This is an evolving resource and this is by no means the final copy. The links below are subject to be deleted and new sites will be continually added below if we, the paranormal guides, see fit. If you see anything that you'd like added send me a PM and Chaos Hawk and I will decide whether or not to add it to the list. Any new ideas and links are greatly appreciated. Additionally if you see anything you think should be removed send me a PM and we will take your opinion into consideration. Thank you and we sincerely hope you enjoy the resources listed below!

Ghost and Hauntings Resource Sites
American Ghost Society (Ghosts of the Prairie) (http://www.prairieghosts.com/)
Confidential Investigation Request Form (From the American Ghost Society) (https://www.prairieghosts.com/request.html)
Ghost Haunts (http://www.ghosthaunts.com/index.html)

Important Articles
What To Do When Your House Is Haunted (http://www.prairieghosts.com/whattodo.html)
The Trouble with Orbs (http://www.prairieghosts.com/trouble.html)
Ghost Hunting Equipment (http://www.prairieghosts.com/detector.html)

The Bell Witch Fan Site (http://www.bellwitchfansite.com/)
The Bell Witch Website (http://www.bellwitch.org/home.htm)

Eastern State Penitentiary (http://www.easternstate.org/)

Ghosts of Tennessee (http://www.tnghost.org/sites/sites.html)

Waverly Hills (article) (http://www.prairieghosts.com/waverly_tb.html)
Waverly Hills Official Site (http://www.therealwaverlyhills.com/)

Paranormal Glossaries
TAPS Glossary (http://www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com/articles/general/glossary.html)
Glossary (LGHS) (http://www.louisvilleghs.com/LGHS_MASTER/SUB/glossary.html)

Paranormal Groups
TAPS (http://www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com/)
American Ghost Society Area Reps (http://www.prairieghosts.com/areareps.html)

Investigation - False Positives
False Positive Gallery (LGHS) (http://www.louisvilleghs.com/LGHS_MASTER/SUB/Photo_Gallery/FalsePos/FalsePos.html)
False Positive Gallery (Proof Paranormal) (http://www.proofparanormal.com/falsepositives.html)

Decide For Yourself
Ghost Study (http://ghoststudy.com/)
Mystical Blaze (http://www.mysticalblaze.com/GhostsNature.htm)