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March 17th, 2009, 08:08 PM
Hi Joining of nations has been on hold for a while due to my absense i'm hoping to get it started up again... if your interested, have any questions leave a message. I will be posting up information about the rpg itself shortly. I would suggest reading the first page of posts as it describe the basic drift of the rpg... i can fill you in of any other information you require.
Happy reading and game playing


March 23rd, 2009, 10:04 AM
Ok basic info

We'll start with nations

Tiger nation was over run and taken by demon nation. The occupants of tiger nation are often refered to as "nekos". They are fast, usually slim, good eyesight, sense of smell. Usually they have gold or silver slitted eyes cat like ears covered in a small amount of fur and a tail. the rest of their skin is covered in a thin layer of fur which can vary from tiger srripped to lion to any cat really. They make good theives, assassins or just your run of the mill warrior. Some have the ability to manipulate lightning however they are no where near as magically gifted as say a Pheonix or even a turtle. When breeding the tigers have live births unlike turtles and dragons who lay eggs.

Weapons: whip, scemitars, throwing knives anything that enables a fast attack.only allowed two short distance weapons and one long range (though comprimises can be made)

Next we have the Turtles, they are cautious most are very timid though you do get the odd one or two that should have been born dragons. Usually small in stature and thick skinned. Turtles are usually teased by the other nations due to the fact that not many will take part in war. However Turtles when near or in water are a force to reckoned with, when in water a turtle will reveal a shell. They live in honeycaves that can only be accessed by water a problem for most nations. Mainly magic users able to manipulate water created anything from small ripples to tsunami's. Very accurate with arrows. most vegetarians. When breedin the turtles create a nest near the water and lay eggs.

Weapons: bow and arrow, small knife, short sword, crossbow, long bow (two short range one long range)

March 23rd, 2009, 10:28 AM
Ok now on with Dragons

Dragons are usually warriors or mercs, Due to the fact that when in battle their skin transforms to scales which are resilient to most attacks also a lizard like tail appears working as a whip. When not in battle their scales disappear to reveal ordinary skin.. their scales come in many differents colours. Only their heart is left vulnerable so a good archer is most likely to kill them. The woman are very feminine in looks but nine times out of ten more aggresive than the males. Males are usually big in stature (think Conan and your on the right lines). Dragons cant fly because they have no wings however if trained correctly they can learn to "Windwalk" literally walk on zephyrs, very good hunters and be careful of their teeth. Weapons usually consist of a broad sword and a hunting knife. When breeding the dragons lay eggs

March 23rd, 2009, 10:36 AM
Pheonix's are very elegant most of the time (thinks upper class) most have red hair, and what looks like feathers around their eyes, hairline, and arms. The feathers vary in colour depending on status of said Pheonix (Higher classes are blood red to very pale orange, lower classes peach to yellow) most have a prickly demener. mainly magic users element is obviously fire. thought only a few can control it to create turrents of fire or big fire blasts. Some pheonix's when trained can burst into flames and resurrect themselves handy trick in a tight situation. Their tears can heal most injuries and poisons. When breeding the pheonix give live birth.

Weapons: small knife, short sword perhaps even a whip or a staff (Due to their magic abilities Pheonix's only carry one long range and one short range weapon.)

March 25th, 2009, 03:26 PM
Ok now onto the demon nation

first of all there be two main breeds of demon, i may introduce a few others later on and maybe a few said terrible beasties.

first we have the vampires. They are snake like creatures, bottom half snake top half human. Just like a snake they taste the air to find their prey. They're fast but not that powerful however they all are highly venomous once bitten the poison works as a neurotoxin eventually causing the victim to become paralysed. This description is only of the male vampires. If bitten you will not be turned. Vampires are born creatures, we may come across a vampire nesting ground somewhere along the way. Usually hunt in groups of 10+. Skilled with bows so try to stay in cover, but not good in close combat. They carry short swords and bow and arrows.

Now werewolves.

Werewolves are very big and powerful creatures, standing around 6 to 7 feet tall. The colour of their fur is significant black fur is your average werewolf silver/white fur is the alpha of a pack this one is bigger stronger and faster. Meaning harder to kill. They hunt in packs of around 5. They work as a unit forcing the victim into an area where there is no safety. If in a group they will try to seperate one away from the group so try to stay within the group. They carry no weapons except their brute strength.

March 25th, 2009, 06:35 PM
In the next few days i shall be posting basic information about the nations themselves e.g. population, landscape, resources etc.

March 26th, 2009, 01:59 PM
Whats happened so far....

Brax was in the wilderness after his nation had been destroyed and taken by the demon nation... on his way to Pheonix nation he met Icaris a neko, and a wizard scientist, Skada a neko, and a hunter. Shai a pheonix and princess of sorts. Aran a dragon and a merc, Kagome a turtle and general pain in the neck. They made it to pheonix nation after a few scraps and death threats, and a fight with vampires. When in Pheonix nation Shai was formally engaged to the Demon prince Dante, however Brax told Lord Kaden that Icaris was in for the running of Shai's hand in marriage. Good idea except they had tried to kil each other on numerous occasions, well mainly Icaris "praticing with his contraption"
So Lord Kaden being the pompous git he is decided that Dante and Icaris would have to fight to death, expecting Icaris to lose. Unfortunately he didnt anticipate Shai and Icaris coming to an "understanding". Icaris killed Dante so now Wedding plans are being are being made that is if nothing happens...

March 26th, 2009, 06:10 PM
So I have been lured in and here is the character I hope to introduce to this world.

Azrael was a fast rising officer in the the military, until the day his unit was slaughtered by a werewolf force. Azrael was the lone survivor, his body healed but his mind never fully did. He left the military and became a drifter. His only possesions are his clothing and a cloth-wrapped bundle he is never without. He guards this bundle with more care than he does himself.

Azrael suffers from bouts of mental instability, talking to phantoms and freezing in flash backs. He has an overwhelming hate for the werewolves and goes into blind rage against them.

He is tall and well built still despite his leaving the military. He still moves with the power and pressence that only comes from being tempered in many battles. His skin and scales are of a deep crimson, the scars of battles past show here and there, the most prominant is the one running from his forehead down to his jaw on the right side of his face, having escaped injusry to the eye narrowly. His clothing is shabby and worn. His blue eyes are filled with sorrow and loss, as well as a simmering hatred.

March 26th, 2009, 08:41 PM
sorry guys i may have just messed up the last few posts eep! sorry

March 26th, 2009, 08:43 PM
that is ok i adjusted fire

March 27th, 2009, 08:11 PM
Right here's a description of my characters...
First we have Brax (original name I know)
He's a neko, average height, jet black long hair. Silver eyes, his fur is white tiger striped. He's lithe and muscular bit a sarcastic beggar but also naive at times. He wears brown worn leather trousers and a white shirt. His weapons are duelling Scimitars and a long bow. His has the ability to manipulate lightning but can only do so with his blades.
He was brought up in tiger nation, in the palace. He was the Prince of Tiger nation but now as the last surviving royal he has the title of King. Something he's still getting used to. Tiger was destroyed by Demon nation so Brax ran on his fathers orders and is used to living in the "wild" With his companion Hokusai a white tiger who he can speak to. He's interested in Skada ;)

Kagome is a turtle, a short but robust woman. A force to be reckoned with in and out of water.looks middle aged, with her hair beginning to silver at the temples. A hard but gentle face at the same time.she is understanding but also mischievous. Brax often says she should have been born a dragon with the way she behaves. taught Brax how to swim amongst others things while he grew up. Shes like his mother at times always looking put for him, but this also extends to the others she meets. Hard headed and stubborn. She can control water element to the point of creating tsunamis though this does take a lot of energy and often results in her fainting.

March 27th, 2009, 09:36 PM
Name: Shai'tan
Occupation: Emissary from the Phoenix Nation
Appearance: She appears to be in her early 30's. Firey red hair which falls down to her waist and amber eyes, standing 5'7" and slender. She has several tattoos all magickal in nature running down the length of her arms.
carries a dagger
(copied this from the thread.. so no idea if she has any kind of ranged weapon since it was never discussed..)

Since the beginning of the story; she has developed stripes, ears (cat like) and a tail after her union with Icaris. I know she had the ability to transform into a phoenix bird, however now her morphing skill includes a winged tiger
She WAS extremely skilled in the magical use of fire but now that has changed since Icaris and she did what they did (so Brax has the final say in what happened after)

We now know she is the future Queen of Phoenix nation.
In her care is a baby phoenix (bird not humanoid) named Arait

Name: Leonid
Occupation: Scholar from the Turtle Nation
Appearance: Male, He appears to be in his late 20's, early 30's. Short slightly balding hair, dark brown almost black in color. Watery blue eyes, standing 5'5" and heavyset (think Friar Tuck). He wears loose fitting clothing in browns and greens, usually loose pants covered by a rather large tunic, with a rope as a belt (cause of his size). He carries a small dagger which is more of an eating utensil than a weapon as well as a staff (more to aid in walking long distances than for fighting). He doesn't fight in the normal sense, more of an inept fighter who would be ignored in the heat of a battle as the enemy would not see him as an immediate threat, But who would swat someone with a book or hit them with a large rock over their head as they passed by. He tends to be a bit flamboyant, prissy and emotional even though he is thick skinned as far as personal insults go. Although he is slow on land he becomes quite fast and graceful once in water.

March 28th, 2009, 12:33 AM
Name: Skada
Appearance: Neko. Long black hair with two orange streaks at the front. Big orangey-gold cat eyes. She's slender but fairly muscular. About 5'6".
Skada barely escaped being enslaved when tiger nation was invaded, her whole family is either dead or enslaved, she isn't sure. She hid in a nearby forest while her entire village was destroyed. She has lived on her own, travelling around, killing any of the demons she came across.
She fights with a whip, small daggers, and throwing knives.
She wears a short leather skirt over tight black cloth pants. She wears red cloth wrapped around her upper torso as a top.

March 28th, 2009, 11:53 AM
Name: Icaris
Occupation: formerly a general in the tiger army...retired after the tiger-phoenix war.
Apperance: Icaris is in his mid thirties. he stands almost 6', and has the typicall lithe neko build. his eyes and hair are silver, he has the markings of a savhana cat. he typicly wears loose breaches, tunics, and a lab coat. all of his clothing has a multitude of pockets that he keeps tools, crystals, and parts in.

Appearance is where his similarities with the normal neko for the most part stops. he is an inventor, and was concidered quite mad after he retired. he is a mechanical genius, and is highly talented in a form of magic he created in his younger years. he was recriuted into the tiger army, and was given a position in charge of overseeing the creation, distribution and training in the use of weapons created from his new form of magic. it was not a large operation due to the difficulties of teaching others what he did. his position ended up being given the formal name of general of the special ordinance corps, and he and his soldiers were responsible for many deaths, and much destruction. after the war he retired to be a hermit out in the woods, continuing to refine his magic and machines. that is where he met Brax, and Skada, and feeling some strange loyalty to the young prince, decided to tag along and offer his help. along the way they met Shai, who had been his enemy counterpart during the war. and after much bickering, and several attempts on eachother's lives, they ended up betrothed, and neither one is complaining about it.

Icaris carries aome unconventional weaponry which include: his spell gun (fires spells from charged crystals), grenades that work on the same principal, and the odd small explosive gadgets that he sometimes carries around.

Name: Aran
Occupation: a mercenary (at least as far as everybody knows at this point)
Appearance: Aran is tall, muscular, and curvey. she has long black hair that she typically keeps tied up and deep green colored eyes that seem almost metalic. being a fighter by trade, she wears clothing that emphasises ease of movement. her scales that form when she is in battle are black, edged in a deep almost metalic green.

not much is known about Aran so far. she says she is a mercenary that was hired to keep Brax alive. beyond that, she hasn't said much about herself. Shai seems to know her in some capacity, but hasn't said much on the subject.

Aran loves to fight, and has a bit of a short attention span at times. she loves to cause mischief, but gets serious, and has amazing focus when faced with a fight.

Aran carries an odachi, and incorporates what wind control she has into her sword style and strikes....

(I'm sure more will follow as the story progresses, and the characters grow, and things about them are revealed)

March 30th, 2009, 03:13 PM
Ok I'm currently working on the stats for each nation like population, resources and such (Thank you shadowfox for your help) and I'm also nearly finished with the map so it should be up in maybe two weeks or so when i find someone with a scanner

March 30th, 2009, 08:27 PM
Ok information on breeding and cross breeding.
Tigers and pheonix's have live birth's, they carry young for nine months and then obviously give birth.

Turtles and dragons lay eggs usually creating nest's and guarding them for the first few months. It takes around two years for the eggs to hatch.

In the event of cross breeding If one parent if tiger the other pheonix then obviously a live birth. One parent a turtle the other dragon they nest and lay eggs. If one parent is dragon and the other tiger it depends on the female. If the female is tiger then live birth. If shes dragon then nest and eggs. Cross breeds have a shorter life span than a pure breed and they dont inherit both of their parents abilities.

Hope that makes sense.

April 9th, 2009, 11:09 AM
I'm ashamed to admit this but I'm stuck. Which seems to be holding up the rpg... Sorry guys and gals.
I want the wedding to happen but I'm not sure how? I'm thinking we skip straight to wedding day if everyone is up for it
then we can get back into the action
Any suggestions/opinions?

April 14th, 2009, 01:45 PM
seriously any suggestions?