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July 27th, 2009, 01:19 AM
Well i have a question about looking into past lives through meditation. i am seeking to try to find out a past history, specifically with a certain person. I have never attempted such a task before.

Is there any specifics i should know? or better methods of attempting to look into my past lives?

Astara Seague
August 11th, 2009, 12:20 PM
well my suggestion is you dont go it alone
have someone you trust be by you just in case, because past life searchs can bring out alot of hidden things in a person, and it isnt always easy to keep in control

Also here is a few questions you can ask yourself and try not to really think of the answer just write down what comes to mind

1- What are some places you have always wanted to visit or never want to go there?

2-Do you feel a certain kinship with certain periods of history?

3-What are some activities you have always lived or some you always want to avoid

4-Are there certain areas of the country you feel negative about or are drawn to

5-Are there certain groups of people you have always had an interest in ..racially, socially, or religiously

6-Are there fears that have always been with you with no real reason why?

7-What talents do you have and always known about even if you have never used them

8-What are some certain favorite foods, or unfavorites for no apparent reason

9-Do you have some kind of chronic illness, emotional problems, or certain attitudes that you have no explanation for?

10-Is there certain people you feel instantly close with or instantly repelled by that you have never seen before

11- Have you ever recognized a place, scene or something that you have never actually seen before?

12- Do you have some very realistic reoccurring dreams, including unknown things such as a language or clothing?

13- Have you ever had any out of body experiences?

then try a deep relaxation meditation at first .. when you are there
visualize a dark tunnel with a light at the end and follow the tunnel heading for the light, then step out and stand there for a minute, just look around observe everything about, another good reason to have some one there cause you can say what you see and they can write it down notice your feet if you are wearing shoes, check out your clothing and so forth then walk out and see where you go, the landscape your home, people aroound and such keep this up for no longer then about 15 minutes, or when you are unable to go on
Know that once you go you can always come back and explore some more