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Infinite Grey
July 29th, 2009, 09:30 PM
A two part video response by dospook to a youtube atheists gklr - it is logic and linguistic philosophy intense, so do not be surprised or embarrassed if some of it flies way over your head.


The statement that an atheist doesn't believe in God is true, but not about the atheist, it is true about what the atheist is not. For this reason atheism is not "not believing in God", that is not what it is. Atheism can only be defined as "believing there is no God", as the real equation being asked is if you believe true or false the proposition that "God exists".

Either way it is a belief. No truths exist for God, or God is shown to exist. All statements about God are belief statements, including that there isn't one.

dosSpook video 1

dosSpook video 2