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August 11th, 2009, 01:11 PM
Was not sure where to place this so if this is the incorrect spot please move.

Here is an excert from an interesting article delaing with pregnancy and fertility rites.

"..Visiting the temple of Pasht or Speos Artemidos (the Grotto of Artemis), known to Egyptians as the stable of Antar, with his companion Amr, writer Anthony Sattin was given a chance to witness first hand a ritual probably similar to one of those Zeinab had been loathe to talk about, and which he traces back in his latest book The Pharaoh's Shadow to practices used by the Ancient Egyptians: "I looked behind the [two] men and saw a woman in the little chamber. She was dressed in black and merged into the gloom, so it was impossible to see clearly, but she was certainly alone, down on the ground, and she appeared to be rolling across the sand and rock, moving from side to side. I heard her talking, confiding, softly pleading.

"The woman," as Sattin later discovers, "was from a nearby village, had had difficulty in becoming pregnant and had visited her sheikh and the doctor. Pills, potions and prayers but still nothing had happened. So now she was placing her faith in the old stones and had come to pray Pasht to bless her with a child."