View Full Version : Seeking a mentor--detailed info inside!

August 18th, 2009, 04:48 AM
Hello mentors!

A little about me: I'm 19 years old and live in PA, USA. I've been interested in Paganism and practicing on and off for 3 years. The last year of my life has been a very spiritually dead time and I'm seeking to mend that. I'm an animal lover, a writer, and an almost-certified massage therapist. I was drawn to Paganism because it made me feel very connected with nature, its cycles, and a Higher Power.

My path: I come from a fundamentalist Christian background, which was never forced on me, although I found it on my own when I was about 11 and it brought me several years of joy and spiritual closeness to God before life got to me and my spiritual high died down. I began reading tarot for fun in 11th grade, which led me to researching Paganism and witchcraft. I've been calling myself a ChristoPagan or Christian witch for most of the time since then, but lately a lot of other doors have been opening up to me and that may or may not be the path for me.

I've sorted out a lot of self-imposed Christian guilt recently and am becoming more open to exploring other paths that may be right to me. I am drawn to Celtic (specifically Irish) deities and the Norse pantheon, so I've been doing a lot of research into Asatru and Celtic reconstructionism, as well as more eclectic paths. I've also been meditating on both pantheons and welcoming the gods to reveal themselves to me so that I might find the direction this spiritual journey is supposed to be taking right now.

Other things I'm interested in learning about: gemstones*, herbalism, candle magick*, past lives, meditation*, lucid dreaming, dream interpretation (I have been having a lot of vivid, meaningful dreams that also bring up strong emotions when I wake up), tarot*, runes, scrying

*I have some experience with these things

My learning style: I love to read and I'm constantly at my computer, so being pointed in the direction of different books, online texts, and websites is very helpful. I'm also a strong writer and enjoy writing fiction, poetry, and essays. Open discussion is also an important learning tool for me, as well as practicing the things I'm learning in theory. Organized assignments are a helpful guide for me (for example, reading or meditating or going out in nature and writing about a specific topic related to that experience) but are not an absolute necessity.

What I am looking for in a mentor: I am looking for someone who is experienced in one or more of the paths that I'm researching, who is open-minded and tolerant. I prefer someone slightly older than me, although around my age is fine too. I tend to navigate well among age groups, so experience and knowledge about the subjects I'm interested in learning about are the most important thing. I'd also like to have someone to discuss various things I experience while meditating and dreaming. I have a solid foundation to work with, I believe, and now I'm seeking guidance as I explore and grow. I am willing to communicate through email, IM, or by snail mail.

Please PM me or post here if you think we might be a good match. Thank you ahead of time for all your help!