View Full Version : Essential Oil Salves

Moonlite Faery
September 19th, 2009, 07:03 PM
So I decided to get back into crafting, a few years back I made this awesome salve around the time I was trying to sell my soaps and ended up giving them away for Christmas presents.

I had a few extra and my roommate snagged one because he had a few cuts at the time and tried it out, and absolutely fell in love with it. So much so that he took it to his friend who runs a pagan shop and she loves to feature local artisans.

Well she thought my salve was so unique that she wanted to sell it in her store! Well me, not having the guts took awhile to start gathering the ingredients again. I finally did, and made the first batch last night, took a few remelts but I got it right.

My question is, is this something that is unique enough to put my name out there and try to sell it online? The ingredients aren't cheap, well the EO that I use isnt. Everything is all natural or organic and everything save the sweet almond oil (thats the carrier base), would there be a way to still make it potent but not make the price so high?

I want this to be affordable for people because I know it works so well. Also is there a certain double boiler out there for oils and this sort of thing? I feel so lost 0.o