View Full Version : Duality of Mind

Corvis Canis Latrans
September 30th, 2009, 12:42 PM
So angry my sister,
reflection but me
but what do you want?

I gave over a large part of my mind
for you to roam in

physical control is out,
that shoots both of us in the foot.

I know you hurt.

But why do you want others to suffer?
Seems odd. You don't wish the hurt on anyone
yet you know
the harm your words would cause,
should they ever be loosed in the world.

And though you are me, I disagree with you.

I see your point, but much as you wish
to shout the words out
they are ultimately false,
or at least too harsh a truth to burden others with.

I should know,
I shoulder that burden of control and hurt.

As do you.

But what do you want then?
To destroy?

No. Understanding. But the problem is
the cost is too high.

And frankly, until you understand
yourself (and face it, neither one of us
fully understands)
you've little right to expect it of others.

The right you have, or privilege
that others extend to you
might be to ask that they be an illuminating mirror
show you your ideas reflected back
through another's eyes.

But not if the price is their pain.

Sometimes, lets face it, you wish it.

No don't deny, remember I'm you
I can feel it.

And then
through that feedback
cycle instantaneously
you feel my guilt and anger
for feeling such things, and
we both are sickened.

You feel just as guilty,
but you can't let go,
redirect the anger, sadness

but I don't want to go with you
And truly you don't want to be there either.

How can we free ourselves
of this?