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September 30th, 2009, 02:57 PM
I figured why not create a fun little relaxing easy going RPG

this is fairywood , a small hidden city in a wonderful meadow , there are fairies , pixies , elves and cabbits and even foxtar's which are human form of fox's half human half fox they even have the sense's of a fox and hearing of a fox.

the meadow shimmers when the wonderful yellow sun hits the beautiful green grass and the flowers grow big , near as tall as skyscrapers , the fairies and elves work together along with the pixie's .

At night everyone parties and hangs out , and they all harvest and are friends , and there are witchs aswell , whom help the fairies and pixie's and elves and other creatures live long healthy lifes .

and at night the moon shines the most beautiful silver white color filling everyone with peace and energies.

the tree's grow tall and strong , they reach toward the skies and are full of color and fruits .

September 30th, 2009, 03:05 PM
The story of fairywood ..

2 thousand years ago , a hedge witch was strolling through the woods far from her village , and stumbled upon the meadow , and noticed little houses in the tree's and houses in the meadows nearing the edge of the tree's . She wondered what the houses were doing in the places and she called out " Hello " she got a response and it slightly startled her , when two elves greeted her , she glanced around and was curious to there world and little village , the elves invited her to spend a week or two with them to learn more of their living ways.

She agreed , she stayed for more then a week and when she returned to her village , she couldnt believe she lived among fairies and pixies and elves and other critters and even foxtars , she couldnt know how to speak of this in words. She knew other witchs were looking for a new place to move to , she found a Coven and told them in a way she could think of it to tell them , they seemd excited and wanted to get other covens aswell to go to this meadow and meet the elves and fairies and pixies and even foxtars and cabbits.

Soon the 30 or 50 covens that followed this hedge witch to the meadow it baffled most of the coven's as they never seen anything so beautiful , or peaceful within the woods .

This and then is when covens and hedge witchs decided to live in the woods to help keep Fairywood safe from hunters and people with money to destroy the meadow of where the wonderful fairies and pixies and elves and cabbits and foxtars live .

2 thousands years later , past tradtions have been passed down to generations and so forth.

and that is how Fairywood is still alive to this day.

The meadow is full of homes suited for the elves and gnomes and the cabbits roam in a specially built fenced area , to keep them protected , the foxtars live in beds of leaf's and flowers .

There are houses in the tree's that suite fairies and pixies , all built to their size and style , the fairies and pixies go about picking up small fallen branchs and turn them into dishs and things very useful to them and their way of life.

the sky is a greenish blue and the rain smells of fresh apples and taste like strawberries , the humans live in the village far from the fairywood village , there is evil but the witchs mange to keep it at bay to keep protecting the fairies and the friends.

the elves do hardship , such as cleaning houses and feeding the cabbits and making sure the foxtars are still happy and good , sometimes an Elv will get curious and wonder into the city of humans , but mange to hide there ears to keep from being questioned.

many do become curious to why the ones who just stroll through are taller then the average human , but they quiet there thoughts.

March 4th, 2010, 01:28 PM
Stepping into the city of Fairywood carrying a bag of clothes, Magion once again questioned whether it was really wise to pick up what little he owned and just leave his past. For months, he had been journeying to different part of the world, stopping at big cities and small towns on the way. Just last night while at a bar in a nearby village, he heard rumors of a 2,000 year old city called Fairywood. He heard of rumors that states it is being guarded by hedge witches, who are weary of newcomers, afraid of hunters and developers.
"You don;t seem like no rich folk or hunter, they'll let you in if you ask enough", the bartender told him. "Just don't let your city life get da best of you, they are a classical bunch if you know what I mean."
"sure do, thanks Bob", Magion responded as he gave the bartender what little money he had left as a tip. Something about their stories and rumors of this place has attracted him. Perhaps this is the place he had been searching for where he can start all over with a new life.
Nervously, Magion approach the city. Would they let him in and accept him? Would he have to prove his worth somehow? Is this trully a new life for him or another pit stop?