View Full Version : So, when can you call yourself a Recon...?

October 11th, 2009, 11:22 PM
I have been really reluctant to come here because im new at this and fragile, lol.

I have only ever identified myself as a Kitch Witch...I never really cared to identify myself as 'anything'. I grew up in a Christian home, like most found Wicca first as it was the biggest thing around at the time, found Kitchen Witchery through that and have been pretty much were I am.

I never knew about CR until a few months ago.

I am of Apache and Irish Decent....(yes, I know, what a combo eh? lol)

I have ALWAYS been heavily drawn to anything Irish and my Goddess of her choice is Brighid.

Ive also always felt a strong pull to others in the Tuatha De Danna, but Ive not explored it.

Anyways, I started looking alot into CR, specificly revolving around Irish. Part of me feels, really comfortable with it, like it falls in line with my own thinking than that ive always had, as aposed to me trying to fit into that.

When did yall feel comfortable saying "Hey! Im a Recon!" Cause to me, while a huge part of me wants to scream it, a small part of me is like, no, dont you'll just get laughed at or something and i'll be told that im an idiot...(I know, thats probably over the top). I mean I know I can take construstive critisim and someone telling me that, 'nope thats not right its like this'...

I KNOW I have so much more research to do and that ive probably not even scratched the surface yet, but, I dunno, it just feels right.

October 12th, 2009, 03:11 AM
I'd heard of CR when I came here but it was only through speaking with other CRs in these forums that I decided it was the right fit for me. It took a good six months for me to explore it and it was around then that I began to be comfortable identifying as such. I just wanted to make sure, I guess. Not that I overthink these things ;) But yeah, I was like you and didn't want to be seen as an idiot...

I don't think it really matters though, it's more a question of what you're comfortable with. Does the shoe fit? If it's right for you, then no one can argue, really. Most people who are new to CR tend to say that they are, and most of the time other people will cut them some slack - there's a lot to take in! We've all been in the same boat at one time or other.

If you have questions, then feel free to ask. There is a bit of work involved and mostly you'll be doing it yourself, but there are people who are happy to help steer you in the right direction :)