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December 29th, 2009, 02:19 AM
Here are some check point I pulled from the last two weeks of my meditation logs which I found to be incredibly helpful.

-Keep a meditation log (lol)

-Stretch prior to meditation

-Wash out your eyes. Rheum (eye crusties) will drive you crazy.

-Keep eyes closed gently with a light smile.

-Binaural beats such as SoundMind or Hemisync work great for achieving a "inward thinking state" really fast. Also, it muffles random sounds that would normally startle you and bring you out of state

-Create a list of dualities that you consistently use for neither-neither

Doing - Being
Will - Perception
Causality - Randomness
Sex- Death
Fear- Desire
Love- Hate
Ego - Enlightenment
Baphomet - Choronzon
Eristic Delusion - Aneristic Delusion
Atman - Annata
Space - Time
Mass - Energy
Science - Magick
Religeon - Art
Asleep - Awake
Self - Universe

- Never sit with your back leaning against a wall. Your back expands very gently when you inhale, and you will really start to feel it once your breathing has slowed down.

- If you are using a mantra in sync with your breathing (pranayama) - I usually abandon the mantra once I hit a 4/10 on the gnosis scale. Sometimes the mantra forces you to keep up with your breathing. The idea is to breath as slowly as possible - so its wise to abandon it at some point.

- Once you achieved a state of 'inward focus', instead of actively ignoring thoughts as they begin to brew; try and identify its duality and "neither-neither" it. With every duality that you break, you physically feel a deeper wave of gnosis come over you - which in turn makes these random thoughts more scarce.

- When focussing on a sigil, it is usually quite hard to maintain a stable image in your mind. The sigil is always fleeting and difficult to maintain.
I have a few techniques that made this problem go away almost completely.
On my Sigil for my HGA, in the middle there is a little upside down "E". Instead of trying to create the entire sigil in my head, I only focus on that little "E". I feel my astral hand holding the E between my thumb and index finger, and literally feel what it would be like to hold it. So long as I focus on that simple glyph, my mind creates the rest of it effortlessly. I also like to pull the sigil closer and push it away in as I inhale/exhale. It is a good idea to create or locate these "handles" on your sigils when using them.

- And most importantly keep a meditation log.

Thats all for now.

January 27th, 2010, 07:08 PM
Thank you for this post - it was quite helpful! :thumbsup: