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January 7th, 2010, 01:49 PM
Hello!:boing: back ...to business ahem practice...I study day and night,sometimes 24 hours round the clock.I need to get there,where I'm going...

What path are you interested in?

The path of the wise but happy

How long have you been studying?

I have been studying theoretically for 14 year,practicing for 2 years, and before only brief scared experiments(like when I was like 14 and I enchanted a pretty boy to confess his true feelings to me,and he kissed me insted:smileroll)

What areas of paganism have you already explored?

In theory I have explored everything.In practice more in the ritual magic area, and also high magic are,working with the mind a bit,cutting the middleman in me :hyper:but not sure it's enough.In fact I'm ashamed it's not enough at all:toofless:also a little bit of healing alchemy I practiced and you know what it worked,I could cure my friends pneumonia with a potion I found in an old dusty tome which combined many herbs to be boiled and cooled down and boiled again,in a tea.

What areas of paganism are you interested in?

Alchemy,Lucid dreaming and creative visualization,high magic,ritual magic,low magic,spellcraft, divination, herbalism,I want to learn how to be successful in being the architect of my life,and create a new year full of happy events.I have undertaken many hardships in the past 20 years ,more than other people had in 3 lifetimes.
Are you drawn to any specific deity?
Mostly to myself,but to egyptian gods,in general,I have a deep affection.But I won't fall into that,because it's hard for me to beleive and accept that,because in spite of my flare soul,i have a logical mind that is always at war with my soul.

What time zone are you in?

(UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest, Istanbul

Preferred method of communication? (PM, IM, e-mail, etc)

Any method,but an interactive one would be better as I aquire a state of creative gnosis when I concentrate on the other person I cannot psychically see but still see,feel in my mind's eye.
How much time can you devote to learning?

As much as necessary to become successful in my future magical workings, and no less beyond that :)

What is your learning style? (Do you need visual, just text, a mixture of both?)

I like visual but also text,but I enjoy mathematical or visual demonstrations if they are possible.Writing is still fine.I have started a BOS today,my first real BOS.

What is your age?

I am 22.

January 11th, 2010, 10:41 PM
Yes,alive and kicking and it's great that I finally have a real one.What a stroke of luck.I have also found a friend in my mentor that listens to me and gives me advice about my problems and I also help the same.My mentor is not from MW, as a member. but browses it sometimes.My mentor belongs to the Golden Dawn tradition,so I'll get pretty savy with that in a short time,as my mentor assures me:).

It's like those words of the proverb 'when the student is ready the teacher emerges':hi5: