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January 15th, 2010, 06:38 PM
A good friend of mine has had some writer's block for a couple days now and has not enjoyed her writing for quite some time...stress from having a due date for her new book I think. Well anyway, she stumbled upon some writing exercise book and she sent me some samples...this book gave her back the passion for writing again. Saved her really.

Anyway, i was wondering if you all liked this as much as I did. It's a little unusual but I thought very cool.


Assignment: Write a story from the perspective of being the only tree left standing in the forest

I was here. Long before the others departed. Their roots ran deep enough to tickle mine and coax them to grow. I was here, long before the leaves ceased flying on the breeze, back when the humming of life buzzed so loudly on days it seemed an unending chorus that one would turn away from for peace and quiet.

But now I know that there is no peace in quiet. Being here before holds little consolation to being here now.

I am alone- all that is left of a vacant wood. My final leaf floats gracefully to the ground, spinning and swirling as ifit knows it must now speak for all of the others. I shall watch it intently as it falls, memorizing each dip and sway.

I was here.