View Full Version : And In The Eldest Eldritch Realms

Shawn Blackwolf
February 2nd, 2010, 12:52 AM
And In The Eldest Eldritch Realms ,
I Donned Lance , And Sword And Helm ,
Dark Armor , And Innocence ,
And It Was Love , The Greatest Defense ,
Against All Might Be , Once And Hence ,
And The Dream And The Grave ,
Both The Damned And The Saved ,
Both Savior , And Anti - Christ ,
I Am What I Am , Don't Ask Twice...

Do You Know Me , What You Think ?
You Say That You Make A Magickal Link ,
And That My Core Is So Not Unseen ,
You Think What I Say Is All That I Mean ?

You Think That I Am Is Just So Revealed ?
Just Dark Abyss , Or Just White Light Field ?
Just The Oblivion Or Is It The Mystery ?
All That I Am , Is All I Shall See , Let It Be Me...