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February 17th, 2010, 12:52 AM
I'm feeling unusually inspired tonight, so I think I'll give this a try. :)

The spiritual realm is a spectrum, kind of like the colors of the rainbow. Not that the specific colors we know of have anything to do with it, just that it's broken down in a similar fashion.

Depending on where you stand, where you are centered as "home" in this spectrum, everything you see is colored accordingly. Imagine standing in say, blue, and that everything you see from where you stand has a blue hue. This explains why people are attracted to certain other people, religions, and spirits. Ghosts occupy one color of the spectrum, while nature spirits might occupy a different one. Demonic entities are at one end of the spectrum, while light, fluffy, beautiful gods and goddesses are at the other.

But nothing is fixed. How we perceive things is based upon our field of view. If we ourselves are nature centered (lets call this one green, eh?), then when we see ghosts, demons, or angels we see then in the light of what we are used to. We then pick our religion based upon what best explains this according to how we perceive them, making that particular religion (or set of teachings) "right" for us. Be it animism, pantheism, or polytheism, it makes sense because it explains what we see.

The gods we perceive from one position are going to look different from another. We know that the gods have different "faces", and many are seen by other people in a different light than what we ourselves know them. There are also certain gods that are more prone to be found under certain circumstances, each having their own portion of the spectrum that are best known for. Hades isn't a god you would expect to find if you are going light and fluffy. But Persephone is known as both the daughter of Demeter and the Queen of the underworld. Dark Pagans are known to associate with Dark deities. Follow?

The effort applied by those who endeavor to live at the lighter end of the spectrum makes no sense to those who are accustomed to the dark. It's easy to see it as hypocrisy and well, a complete waste of time. :) But to those who live in the yellowy golden spectrum, it makes all the sense in the world!

We have all tried to make sense of various religions and teachings that make no sense to us at all. Most notably, is the Christian purity and attempt at keeping everything light and fluffy. Of course, we may have encountered this teaching from the lips of someone else who also could make no sense of it, but felt the compulsion to force it to work because of it's status as the "one true way." In the same way though, Satanism doesn't make any sense to someone who isn't cut out for it. There is no one less respected than someone with a fluffy mentality trying to make Satanist values work for them!

We are the happiest if we find other people and a religion to guide us that is relevant to our position in the spiritual spectrum. If we don't, then we are trying to become something we are not. Or we are an outsider looking in through the window on other people's banquet.

Myself, I think I'm a traveler; a person who doesn't have a set "home" in the spectrum. I don't know how I do it or why, but it seems that the whole world changes around me from one week to the next, depending upon where I settle for a short time. One minute one religion sounds good, then the next a different one sounds better. When I'm in close proximity to God, monotheism makes all the sense in the world; but when I'm off and away sometimes I'd swear I'm a polytheist!

I'm just trying to make sense of this. If anyone has any experience or knowledge to add, I'd greatly appreciate it! :)

March 15th, 2010, 05:29 PM
Your theory is the same as my own, allthough I use a different analogy. It makes perfect sense. :-)

I'll get back to you about this one, I'll have to think about how to explain some things.