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February 21st, 2010, 11:29 PM
The Wind

The Wind is wise
It knows what people don't
Listen carefully and you will hear
The words of the Wind Water Earth and Sky

They say:
"Help us, Help us!
The only world we have is dying.
Whisper the Wind Water Earth and Sky.

By The Light of the Full Moon

I dance and sing with exultation

To the Lady as she glides

Bright across the night sky

Little stars trail at her feet

As she journeys on

Within me swells

The tune of natures song

I breathe as one with tree and toad

As I find my part

In the spirit of this place

By the light of the Full Moon.

Lady of the Green Vale

Beside the fall of water flow, the river ever wild
Through the rolling hills of verdant green
Among the Trees of ancient wisdom
There stands a cottage of tumbled stone
Covered over in Ivy and Wildflower
Through the quartz crystal panes
Within the home so natural
Resides the one I seek
A reflection of the world
Her beauty ever changing
Within her lie all secrets, all the worlds’ mysteries
In her company I am always at home

All three poems by Jennifer L. Berry

Humming Bird
February 22nd, 2010, 06:41 PM
I love them!

As short as the first one is it was long enough to raise my spirit and then suddenly make me depressed... but these things must be said and I commend you for doing so.