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March 7th, 2010, 12:47 PM
Hello. I have a question about the 48 enocian keys. I don't exactly know what their purpose is! Are they used in ritual, and if so in what way? As invocation? For protection? Meditation?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



March 7th, 2010, 01:26 PM
Are we talking the keys or the calls?

And the short answer is: Yes. They are. ;)

Enochian keys can be used for invocation, evocation, meditation, divination, ritual...almost anything. The simple fact is this: The angels didn't give Dee and Kelly instructions on what to do with the system, they just gave them the system. Crowley's The Vision and the Voice depicts use of the aethyric calls as meditations and divinations. Basically, examine the Enochian system and read on how it has been used, try out other people's ideas, then start seeing what works for you.

Of course, having a good background in CM in general is important, too. Dee certainly did, and some of the common symbols of CM are used in Enochian such as sigils, elements, etc.

Humming Bird
October 2nd, 2015, 11:50 PM
Essentially at their core they do one of/or two things.

1) They activate and charge certain parts of the tablets.
2) They are for working with the Aethyrs.

Now as stated what you do with this from that point is rather open-ended.
Enochian is like the Arch Linux of Ceremonial Magic(k).

Dee's interpretation of them also very much serve as spiritual affirmations.

I use Enochian for all those things.
Well, my own variant of it.