View Full Version : Heathen looking for an unoffical mentor.

March 28th, 2010, 09:17 PM
Hi! I know I haven't been a member here for a full month, so I think an official mentorship request is a bit much, but I wouldn't mind creating an unofficial one. If that's not OK, feel free to delete it.

What path are you interested in?

Heathenry, especially Norse and Orkney based, with an emphasis on Landwrights. Though, Finnish, Sami, and various other Northern European traditions interest me. Slavic stuff also seems interesting, but I really can't stand racism. Basic Heathenry is a good start, I think.

How long have you been studying?

Got my books recently, so less than 2 months.

What areas of paganism have you already explored?

Lightly looked into Wicca, fairy worship practiced since childhood(putting out food for landwrights.). Decided Wicca isn't right for me, since I'm a bit of a polytheist, and I want to worship the deities of my ancestors(I'm not "Folkish" as I see on other sites, but I just feel called to the deities of my ancestors.)

What areas of paganism are you interested in?

Didn't I already state this! XD Ok, well, I'm not too interested in Runic divination. Erm, I'm asking here because the one Heathen I know IRL, I don't want to bother him, and his girlfriend might not be OK with him spending time with me(he used to have a crush on me years ago.).

Are you drawn to any specific deity?
Freja seems interesting, Frigg motherly, and Thor seems very protective and kind, but IDK really. No strong UPG, other than a safe feeling when I wear a Thor's hammer.

What time zone are you in?

Eastern US.
Preferred method of communication? (PM, IM, e-mail, etc)

PM me for more info, IM and email are most often checked, but I'll see how often I remember to log on here for.
How much time can you devote to learning?

Couple of hours per week, but I'm a fast reader.
What is your learning style? (Do you need visual, just text, a mixture of both?)

I like text, but visual and voice isn't bad.
What is your age?
17 in May.