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April 13th, 2010, 01:40 AM
I am the mouse creeping across the floor
And in the shadows seen by nobody
I am the grumpy bear all growly in her cave who snarls at everyone
Locked inside her own head and dreaming of her distant spring-time
I am the one who dreams of beauty and innocence
In the pain of the night
But never releases them out of fear
I am the seed that never grows
And the sapling that never was
I live in the warmth of the womb long outgrown
but causes pain because I will not be reborn
I am the ugly duck who stares at the lovely swans
I am nothingness and everything
One with the earth
But stays separate
I am the golden purple twilight sweet with warmth and sad with longing
Who will release me and when?
And how will I know what freedom golden and sweet tastes like?
Who am I?
That is the riddle