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May 9th, 2010, 04:33 AM
I already said this on another thread but it was old and went back into oblivion.
I thought it'd be better just to start a new thread focused on this topic.

I would've put this in the introductions but I am not Christo-Pagan exactly...Well, I think part of me is...Let me explain.

I was raised in Church of Christ I didn't like it cause it believed it was the only way and Everyone else was going to hell. Also, as a kid I had a bunch of questions and still do. I wanted two of them answered

One was why don't we have a mother...We got a daddy why not a mommy?
Two was with all the religions in the world why is this one church the right one?
All, I got was the Bible said so winch leads to the question that'd just get me in more trouble..Well, Ever religion has a Bible so winch one is true?
I have tried Baptist,Pentacostal,Mormon and Just about ever Church here But, Nothing satisfied me or My couriosity.
To tell the truth I felt more in Church sitting by the pond in my Grandpa's cowpasture think about things.
My Grandma also gave me many books on various denominations to read.

I decided to start my own beliefs I decided Mary was the Mother I was looking for cause God and Her had Jesus. Well..The Bible says "The holy spirit overshadowed her" But, I was a kid so..I didn't get everything exactly right.

When I moved out I started studying Witchcraft and Wicca on the internet because I wanted to see what preachers were fussing about at the time.
I loved Wicca it had A Mother/Father, No hell you just reincarnate till you get it right, The Rede was easy to follow I just loved everything about it.

I got in a course but they had a problem with me. I would study their lessons with my Bible studies and Although, I had no problem with using Celtic Gods and Goddess in ritual I used Mary and Jesus too.

Seemed like I had problems with both sides I probally don't got to explain why my Christian freinds and Family hated it But, Some Pagans don't like ChristoPaganism The Bible has laws against Witchcraft and stuff.

Because of this I have bounced back and forth between Christianity and Paganism a billion times throwing stuff away only to buy it again. This time I made a personal vow I was not throwing anything away..If I was convinced by people it's wrong enough to persuade me i'd put it under my bed in a trunk. Nothing ever stays there very long.

I was in a Coven that has since disbanded but, It helped me find out more about ChristoPaganism looking at sites, buying Gnostic books, Leaning Angel Magick I love Angels! I also got books on Buddhism,Wicca, Shamanism, and All kinds of other stuff. I am pretty Eclectic I just bought a Buddha statue to meditate with and A book on Christian Mysticism that's a pretty Eclectic thing to do I guess.

I get criticised for it alot...Cause your supposed to be one thing and Only do the things in that one thing people say...I have fought my Christian side tooth and nail cause of this. I thought I love Wicca more so I gotta get rid of any feelings for it...I tried Joining Anti-groups and Reading Anti-Literature all this did was turn me into an angry person I decided to try Atheism and Just give it all up.

Well, I didn't like that one bit it just didn't feel right.
Here Lately, I been reading alot of posts here and Read the ChristianWicca course here. I wish it was still going on I would've really liked it. Christo-Paganism was my first Path So it will always be a part of me. I think I was Christo-Pagan before I even knew Paganism existed...I studied mythology in enclylopedias I liked the Sun Gods and Moon Goddesses I thought the Sun watched us during the day and The Moon at night.

Well, I probally have wrote a long post by now so i'll stop here I think i'll start some more posts here and Get some discussions going.
I'm glad this place is here I am usually afraid to talk about this cause it can bring up heated discussions. But, I see alot of tolerance here.

May 14th, 2010, 03:31 PM
thank you for sharing your story with us. :)

August 17th, 2010, 09:48 PM
:thumbsup: Willy Billy I hear you loud and clear! What I finally came to the conclusion on my own is the reason so many pagans hate anything to do with Christianity is because they were badly burnt as Christians by Christians and they figure the bible -god hates them so they should hate him back. Somehow I don't think it works that way. I am only newly Christo -pagan myself although I wish to God I had found this group 10 years ago when I first set out away from the Church. People are people no matter what religion they hide in or diety they hide under or behind. If they are angry they will show it in one form or another. The most rabid fire and brimstone preaching Christians usually have the most to hide and are hurting because they believe they are unworthy of the love of their god. No matter what good or bad happens it is from God. They are terrified that if they step out of line one little bit and allow themselves to be truly human they will turn their backs on their God and go to hell. I think (just an opinion) that anti Christian pagans are similar to some degree that if they allow one bit of softness towards the Christian God then they are condoning all of the ugliness associated with the religion and somehow betraying their Goddess. What I think neither side really understands is religion ALL RELIGION is man made not God made and there is good and bad in all of it. The bible is no more the "word of God" than say "Living Wicca" or "To Ride a Silver Broomstick" but it is no less either. Because the divine (opinion again ...I have lots of 'em) is within all of us and in everything. Therefore if someone has a good idea on how to live and conduct yourself and their diety appeals to you and you find that form of worship beautiful and their stories meaningful it is not wrong to follow it to the extent you are comfortable with. Nor is it wrong to cast aside anything that doesn't work for you in that ceremony or in those stories. It is your walk with the divine that matters not what anyone else's opinion on how "the correct way to worship" is.

just my two cents, hope it helps