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May 27th, 2010, 03:38 PM
I meditated for the first time. It was guided but once you were in the visualizing state the voice stopped and didn't influence my visualizing. I want to explain it to you, and I am hoping for your words, whatever they may be. I'm brand spanking new to this so bear with me.

At first, I imagined I was nestled into the sand of a beach, down the shoreline enough to have the water grace over my body, cleaning it with with sparkling light on it's surface. As I sunk deeper into my meditation, I imagined myself on the beach, outside of my point of view, looking at myself. And as I breathed, it was like as soon as the air hit my mouth to go into my lungs, it turned into light. Same with exhaling, I breathed out glittering light as well. It wasn't shockingly sudden, but once I hit absolute relaxation in my meditation, all went dark around me and I fell down this tunnel. It was not frightening, not at all. The tunnel actually looked like space. It was black, with tons of stars wheeling past me, and a blue glowing net showing the boundaries of the tunnel. It looked like northern lights in a way. The speed picked up, and everything turned white. In my meditation I stirred to the sound of gentle, flowing water and a breeze. I was on top of this tower that pierced the clouds. Where the base of the tower was in the world, I'll never know. The clouds were level with me, scattered all around the night sky. On top of the tower, in the very center was a patch of grass, perhaps about 15 feet in diameter. it rested on top of a shallow labyrinth pattern where water flowed through the grooves, and would let small gentle waterfalls off the edges of the tower. (i only use labyrinth to explain that it looked near identical on every side of the circle.) The tower was made of white stone, as was the labyrinth design grooved into the floor. Water came from underneath the earthy part of the tower, there must have been a spring below the grass patch. On top of the grass patch was a great tree that took up most of the 15 feet with it's own diameter. There was a bench as well, made also of white stone. There were statues around the tower, floating in place, all facing the tower. Each one had it's own colour. One was a vermillion colour, another cobalt, the third a pale green and the fourth a soft brown. They were all a bit far away from the tower, by about 30-45 feet, all gazing at the tower in the center. And there was a huge, luscious full moon shining down on the tower. I was lying against the roots of the tree, abandoning the lovely stone bench nearby. I opened my eyes in this place, perfectly calm and collected, and I saw something I'd not seen before. It looked like an animal, made of liquid light, glittering and shining. At first, I couldn't tell what it was. But it looked like a stag of some sort, with great massive, branching antlers, and a gentleness about it. It walked up to me, slowly but knowingly, and bowed it's head down to me. It was like it was offering to let me pet it. I took a hand up and ran my hand over its forehead, and then its muzzle, and then the stag bowed it's head even lower, starting to vanish. I saw the remains of it's light glitter until it was no more, and then I came out of the visualization.

What do you think it was? I think it was maybe a message. For a first time meditating, that was a breathtaking experience....

May 31st, 2010, 11:15 AM
I do see some strange stuff as well, even the first time.

I do not quite believe in "messages" i could talk a while about that and use academic words and make it confusing, but down to a few simple lines i think there is knowledge to gain from visualizations, but depending on who's actually experiencing it, you will get different interpretations. Its "esoteric" psychology, like a movie you see, everyone sees different stuff in it, beacause everyone has different experience with them from life, and each time you see it you will extract new knowledge from it, you can do this all day and you will never run out of new interpretations and meaning from it.

An objective message does not exist in my worldview, nothing is objective.
The reality does not exists, its only interpretations that exists, i am a nihilist. But this does not mean that its useless.
The "occult" hidden message is there, it can be unlocked with Reflections and more reflections and you will find symbolic meaning and wisdom. knowledge come from within, everything come from within, you are God, you create and decide. Good luck :D

But then again , maybe through the evolution there is some common psychological imprinted symbolic meanings we all share, signs that are universal and maybe even trancedent. I havent read much about the archetypes C.G Jung talk about, maybe someone here on MW can help you with that.
I do recommend that you start to look around in google on everything you saw, symbolic connections etc

June 3rd, 2010, 04:16 PM
That's a very pretty vision!

Many times in visualization the subtle or sub-conscious mind will speak to the gross or conscious mind. You may have been trying to communicate with yourself, perhaps it was some message about what your path will take? Maybe it was a deity trying to contact you?

The one thing you know is that this experience meant a lot to you, especially the stag. Maybe going deep into yourself again and trying to bring the stag forth by thinking about him could bring some answers? The labyrinth on top of the tower may also be important, try to go back there and explore.

All in all know that there is something important in your vision, but it's up to you to dissect it and go further with it!