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January 8th, 2003, 11:16 AM
Ok, I have a question to ask, I actually would love everyones opinion.

For some strange reason, black cats (especially) are attracted to me. They seem to seek me out, and find my house. No, we don't leave out food because of the wild raccons. My kids have semi tamed one little coon -- he got stuck in the garbage can, it had been raining for a few days, his little head was barely above the water, so my oldest son let him go, well of course, the coon got struck a few more times, and of course one of my boys to the rescue, so now when the boys are outside, the little coon will watch the boys, and the boys will throw him some dog food, I told the boys not to get too friendly that way when winter came, he would be able to survive on his own..

Back to the topic... Every cat we have has been a stray or abandoned cat.

When I was at a pet store, we was little at the different kittens, and the one that was screaming loudly when I would walk away was the black cat. The people from the shop asked me to purchase this cat because it never did that before me... It was eerie, but they wanted way too much money for this kitten... I would have loved to buy it if I could have afforded it. I left the store, and went on shopping at another store next to it, and when I came out of the other store, the cashier from the Pet Store approached me again and said that they couldn't calm the kitten down, so I went back in there and it was crying loudly, but when it seen me it stopped. I felt so connected but I still couldnt afford to purchase the kitten. I felt so guilty leaving it behind.

All the cats that I have now are male and they are fixed. So there is no reason for cats to be coming around like they do. But it seems like the black cats find me anyway.

I have readed alot about spirit animals and so on. But now I just want to get others reaction and advice.....

I love animals, honestly I do... I wish that I could save them all.


January 8th, 2003, 11:54 AM
All I can say is.... don't gripe too loudly about the price of the kitten if you see it again in the store. The walls have ears. And apparently, so do helpful spirits.

I wished my new bird. Tris, was cheaper (because the store had upped the price far higher than it should have been for a parent reared bird) and he ended up getting stuck in some flypaper in the store's aviary. They had to knock the price down twenty percent for me because now he was "damaged goods" and they were afraid I wouldn't buy him. **is infinitely annoyed with herself for wishing he'd been cheaper because it was quite a traumatic experience for the bird *and* herself**

Still.... I say, if the kitten is there next time you visit the store, get it anyway, even if you really don't want to spend the money. I saw Tris in the store a month before I bought him. I only bought him because he kept giving his contact call both times I went by his cage. It was like he was saying, "Hey, You!!! MEEEEE! Pick MEEEEE!" tika (the other cockatiel I had.. he passed away last January) had done the same thing to me when I got him seven years ago.

January 8th, 2003, 12:23 PM
Its not that I don't want the kitten, its that I really honestly don't have the money. I never said anything inside the store about the cost of the kitten, I would have loved to have it but I am really allergic to cats, and I have three now....

Its hard to refuse the strays. The kids it attached quickly.

Thanks for your input.


Phoenix Blue
January 8th, 2003, 12:23 PM
Do take said pet to the vet as soon as you get him out of the pet shop, though. :) You'll want to make sure that the pet doesn't have kennel cough, that his shots are up-to-date, etc.

January 8th, 2003, 03:24 PM
I have three black cats, and one calico. All of them, are extremely loving (though one of them we think was abused before we adopted him, as he's still rather shy). Each scenario of how they came into our lives, was similar to your own stories with these black cats. It may be that you've simply "noticed" the black cats' reaching out to you, more than the others...but...that's not important. What IS important is that YOU felt a tug on your spirit for these little guys. Perhaps even if you couldn't buy him, and take him home permanently, you could buy him, and try to find a home for him on your own. Take him home, make sure he is well, and then place ads to try to find him a home. Yes..the cost would be great. But it seems to me that these little ones are reaching out to you for help. If this is the case, just make sure that you are willing to keep him in your home, if worse comes to worse and you CANT find a home for him. Perhaps you could even find some other message boards, and post about him ahead of time, find someone else that wants to buy him...

January 8th, 2003, 03:44 PM
He was the cat that generaly floated around the nurses' home when I was a student. I fed him the first time I saw him. He stayed with me.

When I got married, qualified as an R/N and moved to a house with my new hubby...we took him with. No way I was leaving him behind. Even though he was the "res" cat. Oh no. I snitched him from under the noses of everybody else who didn't care if he got fed or not. I cared. So I took him with me. And he was happy.

His name always stayed "black cat". He'd been abused as a kitten and his jaw had been broken, so that his mouth didn't close properly. His tounge used to hang out of his mouth all the time. Shame. He was so cute. and he used to drool...alot!!

I really miss that cat. He used to lie on my tarot cards, or sit in on any magickal working I was busy with at the time. We were drawn to each other like magnets. He died of kidney cancer in 2000.

In october 2002 I was visiting a friend who lives on a farm, and wham, there they were. Two beautiful little kittens, both grey and white, one with stripes (a girl) and the other with spots (a boy). And yep, my spirit got tugged alright.

She explained that they had been orphaned just days before when their mom had been killed by the farm dogs. She was a wild cat. HEard meowing a few day later..and there they were...hungry, and alone. She took them in and was bottle feeding the kittens.
She asked if I wanted cats..and that was it. Without any thought, they came home with me. Best thing I've done!!

My babies. Along with my two year old daughter who loves her "titties"!!

So, yep. My animals have all been strays too.

I think you just know when an animal is supposed to be yours.

January 9th, 2003, 09:41 PM
Me too with the black cats thing. :) Actually, pretty nearly all cats like me - but the ones that have been my own personal kitty have been black. I've never picked them, they're just the ones that come to me.

My first one followed me home when I was 6 or 7 - scrawny little yellow-eyed black half-grown kitten, his ribs were showing, his front paws were injured. My Mom didn't even like cats, but she couldn't turn him away (he turned her into a cat-person...:D ). He made it to the grand old age of eighteen and a half. I still miss him.

My second and current kitty, also black with yellow eyes, turned up in a friend's kitchen, badly injured and sick. Well, he needed a person, I needed a cat... it's worked out beautifully for the past nine years or so. I love him to pieces!

My husband's two girls are also strays, a tortiseshell one, and (you guessed it) a black one. Back when we were dating, we found them living in the bushes in a mall parking lot. They were so young that their eyes hadn't changed color yet! Either they were dumped or maybe their mama got hit by a car, we'll never know. It took a couple weeks of feeding them to gain their trust enough to grab them and take them home.

January 9th, 2003, 10:49 PM
It's weird but all animals seem attracted to me in addition to cats!

I have three cats & yes one is black as black can be (Gene). my other cat (Zaius) is black & white & is the baby out of all of them & then there is Fozzy my Norweigian forest cat we call him the old man.

January 9th, 2003, 11:01 PM
I have eight cats right now, two of whom are black. One of the black ones, Jack, just showed up about three years ago, starving with broken bones and so wild I couldn't touch him for about three months. Now, he's fat and happy and healthy and the biggest baby I've ever seen!
Most animals like me, even wild ones. We've got a pack of raccoons who come by every evening for a handout; one of them comes in the house through the cat door and isn't as scared of me as it should be. And there was a blue jay last summer who was getting really friendly with me, but then it died from the West Nile Virus (we lost a lot of jays to West Nile last year). And we have an incredibly cool 19 year old dog who is affectionately referred to as the Energizer Puppy (she keeps going and going and going), but I have to say, cats have me heart and soul. I understand them better than most people, and I love their honesty. I always know where I stand with a cat! I think my Gordon is my guardian angel or spirit guide or something. He and I are connected in a way that defies description. In fact he's sitting next to the monitor right now acting as my muse.

January 10th, 2003, 08:30 PM
Most animals like me, but cats are definatly one of my fav's. I have never owned a black cat, most of mine have been either gray tabby, yellow tabby, or calico. My Demon (the cat I have now) is my baby. I love her to pieces.