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angle kitsune
September 13th, 2010, 01:42 AM
Five Centuries Ago...

Marqonium was founded by the planet Earth by means of the Tal'Orthae Gateway. The land was undeveloped and the people of Marqonium, the Elathians, were peaceable with these invaders. For three centuries, these two races lived in peace; humans developing Marqonium with modern technology and Elathians teaching humans the way of nature. Trade was made between Earth and Marqonium, and this newly discovered planet became of great interest to Earth's Military Headquarters for their effective resources.

By the end of the third century, one of Earth's Military generals began to rule with tyranny. Many became enslaved while others taken captive for experimental testing. It was during this time that other races from different planets discovered Marqonium by way of the Gateway. Driven by anger fueled by the mistreatment of the Elathian people, these new residents sparked a revolution. As a result, the humans increased their brutal rule and reinforced their military and airforce presence to discourage any action against them. One representative from each of the peoples, including humans (for there were some who pledged their loyalty to Marqonium), rallied an army of over 70,000 soldiers and took station at their battlefield on the Kokuri Mountains. Elathians, Suirens, Seraphons and Humans battled for the freedom of Marqonium against Earth's forces in a clash of magic, steel and explosives. Almost 800 of Marqonium's army remained standing at the conclusion of what is now called The Xonathull War, and some still live to tell the tale of how the Valley of Corrupted Gravity was created in its midst.

In attempt to shut out Earth's persistant forces, the Tal'Orthae Gateway was disabled. Relief was breathed among the people, however, there was much rebuilding to be done and mourning to be held for those lost in the war.

Presently, two centuries after the end of the Xonathull War, Marqonium is thriving as new villages have been built and maintained and its cities have flourished. However, the Tal'Orthae wardens have reported activity from the portal, describing not only humanoid races, but fearsome beasts and creatures unknown to Marqonium. Somehow, the once dormant Gateway is allowing passage for those from other worlds. The counsel has been alarmed and they now gather to determine what action should be taken. These incidents began as rare as once a week but have increased to about once a day. No humans from Earth have yet emerged, although the people of Marqonium have discussed the possibility and remain on the alert. With an optimistic yet cautious attitude, Marqonium has embraced this new phenomeon with hopes to expand this peaceful planet.

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