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May 25th, 2001, 10:20 PM
I wish to revitalize this post, since we have more new people on the forum.

I have a queston that perhaps someone out there may have an answer to. During the rainy season, here in central California, we hear what sounds like frogs croaking in the distant fields and meadows around this area. Especially before and after a rain they seem to be, by the hundreds, croaking most of the night. However one time in early Autumn of 1997 (the year we had the floods) I had one or two in this house. When I first heard it I thought a frog had crept in the place unnoticed. Then a few days later, there was one under my study table making this croaking sound, in a box of writing materials, yet! But when I took out the box to see how a frog could possibly have gotten in there, it immediately started to make the same noise about 6 feet away! Yet, I did not see anythign move from the box. I was, needless to say, a bit concerned about my unseen intruder. Shortly after this first encounter with it, my pet Mama Cat was at my feet dozing. It started croaking again under the same study table, and she knew exactly where it was. She pounced on it, but there was nothing there! Then she looked around as though it had escaped her paws. The thing really started to make a disturbed noise after being attacked by my pet cat. I have also noticed my cats will watch something moving across the yard, while they are all looking at the same spot, slowly moving their head in unison. as it moved along the ground, but I see nothing. Now, I've heard these things all of my life, and I'm sure that many of you have heard them also. I had always thought, like everyone else, that they were frogs. But now I know that they are not, but seem to be some kind of a toad-sized spirit. Since then it is an annual occurence to encounter the same ones around the place. In fact, I've learned to identify certain ones because of their type of croaking and other voice differences. There are some that will start croaking in greeting to me from their usual places of habitation. usually just before an Autumn rain is due. There are even three of them who live close by, that sing (croak) in a rhythmic fashion reminding me of a repetitious chant. What are they? Do they have any kind of folk lore about them such as faeries or gnomes, and the like?

Yvonne Belisle
May 26th, 2001, 12:44 AM
The only knowledge I have on them is that some South American tribes believe many things of frogs. I would begin my research in that region.

May 26th, 2001, 12:47 AM
I know that the Goddess Diana is often viewed as a bronze frog!!

June 4th, 2001, 01:45 PM
Well - one of my good friends actually sees frogs that are not "real". She also sees deva lights and fairy lights.

I have thought that she was nuts for the past 4 years about all of this talk of fairy lights/devas and frog/lizard/dragonfly spirits.

I thought she was nuts until I started to see lights in the woods last October.

There are LOTS of things in this world that we cannot explain. I think you might have some deva or fairy spirits that like you and have been manifesting as frogs.....then again...WHO KNOWS??

Just enjoy them.

Also, some Native American and South American tribes believe in little people as well as spirits/devas. Another friend of mine has little people that come into his house and take his potatoes. What a hoot!!!!

June 4th, 2001, 09:19 PM
Thanks Magicbabs, for your input on this question. Perhaps a little more information on my "spirit friends" is due. If any of you listen to some old Lone Ranger radio westerns, (which are still aired for historical entertianment) that when a night narration is going on, the writers of these programs were insightfull enough to include these croaking "frogs" in the program, along with other familiar nocturnal sounds, such as crickets. The frog's croaking at night are common enough that I'm sure most of you have heard them at one time or another. Also, I'm sure that most of the listeners have shrugged the sound off as being "field frogs". There are two problems with this analysis: (1) that frogs do not live in dry fields , or even wet ones, but instead stay near or in water. (2) Toads do not croak. If they make any sounds at all, it is usually a high-pitched chirping noise and then only when they are disturbed about something. It should be pointed out that the spirit frogs are aware of my thoughts, even at a considerable distance they will be quiet when I think of going over to where I hear their croaking. When the season comes around for them to "appear" they will often, upon seeing me, begin to make their familiar noise, and I have had them come through the walls of this house whenever I was thinking of them and begin to introduce themselves to me by their distinguishable croaking.

June 5th, 2001, 06:19 PM
Merry Meet!
I was really intrigued by your post because I had an interesting 'frog' experience a month ago. When we decided to move to the Central Valley last Fall, all my best friend could say was 'watch out for the frogs!" I've been here 8 months and I still haven't seen one, but I hear them outside every now and then. Last month, and I remember exactly when because it was the night of the full moon, I remember hearing them outside my bedroom window while I sat in bed reading. Pye, my kitty was curled up by my feet when she suddenly sat up as if hearing some noise, and then she started to stare at the window (which had the blinds and the curtains drawn.) A few seconds later she darted to one corner of the room and I assumed she was catching a bug, but then she ran out of the room and started tearing up and down the hallway meowing incesantly. Finally, she leaped up on top of a tall chest of drawers and started 'watching' something on the floor. I looked to see if there was a bug, like a cricket, but could not find anything. She wouldn't come down and stayed up there starring at the window again. I was too sleepy to investigate and just chalked it up to a visit from a playful spirit. I eventually fell asleep with her still up there and she was curled up on the bed again when I woke up in the morning. I haven't heard any croaking since then.

June 5th, 2001, 09:46 PM
Hestia, it sounds as though we are talking about the same "animals" That from your post, a "frog" entered your home, and your cat saw it. It probably went into the hallway and your pet chased it in there. It probably ran ahead of the cat, but not by much. She went up on the dresser to watch what it was going to do, and then left the immediate premises. The "frog" more than likely, lives near your bedroom window and will return later when the summer drought is over. I notice that some of the posts mentioned native Americans and their regard for frogs. This entire area was once the winter homes of the Yokut tribes. What information I could gather from old records and historical accounts about this area, it is stated that there were, before the European settlers drove them out with imported diseases and resettlement "programs", perhaps as many as 20,000 Yokuts living within a radius of 10 miles of here. When I first understood the nature of our resident "frogs", it was immediately though that perhaps the Yokuts had something to do with all of this. However, about 3 years ago we had a native American visitor here from one of the Alaskan tribes. I asked him if he knew of his people's or other native tribes' endeavors at creating such creatures, to which he replied, No! But he also stated that he was not knowledegible of Yokut history nor their shaman activities. It has crossed my mind (out of sheer speculation) that perhaps the Yokut shamans knew a secret to create frog spirits to which they attached the characters of their departed, thereby making them humanly accessable and "immortal". I say this because of the somewhat, human-like and separate, identifiable characteristics of each of the frog spirits.