View Full Version : the coming Full Moon

May 28th, 2001, 04:50 PM
The coming Full moon will not be in heavy aspect to anything, although it will be applying to Jupiter, but even more so, in opposition to a retrograde (weakened) Pluto. The Moon's opposition to the Sun will occur at 01:40 AM Greenwich Univ. Time, on June 6th) Pluto generally foretells a time of a shocking revelaton, some stressful or worrisome situation -one that may require immediate action. Perhaps a problem of politics, an emergency, or social protocol could be involved. He also denotes a time of inner worry, an introspective soul-searching for answers -a suspicion that something is not right although current situations may not be indicative of such. But usually, it will be found that nothing is out of sorts, anyway. Those of you with on or near 15deg. of the mutable signs for an Ascendant may, more than likely, feel the effects of this short-lived transit. Those of you with 15 deg. of the mutable signs for a natal Solar position can also be affected. This includes birthdays on or near (within 5 or so days) June 6th, Sept. 8th, Dec. 8th. and March 6th.

May 30th, 2001, 02:51 AM
This Full Moon june 5th is in 15 Sagittarius 26 and the Sun/Moon opposition brings to light philosophical challenges and differing viewpoints; logic versus faith.

The opposing but equal gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon also reveals a tension within ourselves. By providing enough distance and light to give us an objective view of ourselves and how we relate to others, the Full Moon works to integrate and harmonize the contradictions in ourselves and others.

This opening of increased awareness traditionally makes the Full Moon a beneficial time for meditation on personal and worldwide issues. There's literally an electrical energy build-up before a Full Moon and a release just after the peak.

At the Full Moon, the seeds sown at the last New Moon are ready to be harvested and used ~~ we reap what we've sown. Look to when the new moon started May 23rd and meditate on the cycle that began then and what comes to fruit from it as the Full Moon peaks!