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March 6th, 2003, 10:37 AM
Chandler took his first steps!!!!! I'm so happy for him. The poor kid was so sick too. We had to take him to the er because he was running a temp of 105.5. It turns out he had a ear infection. :( But he took three steps to walk to his beloved Papa. :)

March 6th, 2003, 11:02 AM
Awwww!!! Congrats!!!!!

March 6th, 2003, 11:33 AM
Congrats! Sorry about the ear infection but great news about walking. They are so cute when they start walking. How old is Chandler?

March 6th, 2003, 01:31 PM
Thanks! He'll be a year old on March 30th. :)

March 6th, 2003, 01:40 PM
Mom said I was 11 months old when I started walking. My daughter started walking at 7 months! And her first daughter Katlin walked that early too. It's hard not to compare so when the second one, Nove 'Mber, didn't walk till she was nine months old I was wondering if something was wrong. :(

But several of the baby brothers and sisters at Katlin's pre-k are almost a year old and not walking yet. Their parents all marvel at Nove', who by the way, is starting to run now at the age of 15 months. Of course, my daughter and granddaughters didn't get their teeth as early as some of the other babies, ;) so I figure it all balances out.

March 7th, 2003, 01:36 AM
Congratulations on the walking!
I hope he feels better!

I don't have kids, but reading these makes me look forward to it. :)

March 7th, 2003, 10:52 AM
Wow, thats young!
Thanks, hes feeling a lot better. :)