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January 30th, 2012, 08:01 PM
I'm wondering if I interpreted these cards wrong. The person said this reading was off. This is what she wanted to know about (this is all the information I got from her):

Ok well here it goes. tell me if you need more info. look into my love and relationship. I really need some clarification. Stuff just all weird.

Here is the reading:


6 of cups (reversed): You are concerned about a possible loss or separation. There is a lack of harmony and some irresponsible actions in a relationship. There could also be some indecision in this relationship.


IV The Emperor: You aren't looking at the situation in a rational matter. You need to look at things with a clear head. You are thinking about the one you love and want to be with this person.


King of Wands: You want to be socially active, independent and loyal or this could be what you are looking for in your partner.

Thoughts & Feelings

9 of Pentacles: You are wondering if you are making the right choices.


XIV Temperance: In the past, you may have had an unexpected encouter with a past love who has returned. It may also indicate you being patient through some very difficult times.

Immediate Future

8 of Cups: You will find the strength in your love and emotions. There will be desires and tempations to overcome. Your attitude will change when it comes to love and relationships....perhaps you may lose interest in your current relationship.


9 of Wands: You know how to protect your interests in relationships. You want to be fair to both sides. You are feeling dissatisfied by this confusing issue.

Outside Influences

3 of Swords: There could be a love triangle or feelings of being betrayed. This could indicated cheating and feelings of being incompatible.

Hopes & Fears

Page of Swords: You hope that you are able to deal with these problems and troubles. You hope you are able to walk away from or forget a painful relationship but fear you won't be able to.


Queen of Wands: A sacrifice will have to be made.

The impression that I'm getting from the reading is that a past love has entered the picture and you want to be loyal to your current partner. You are losing interest in your current relationship and want to be with your past love. You are wondering if you are making the right choices. You want to be fair to both of them and you don't want to hurt either of them. You are feeling confused as to which direction to go but in the end a sacrifice will have to be made. You will have to make a choice.