View Full Version : Willendorf Goddess Lampwork Beads

April 26th, 2003, 01:33 PM
Hi All...
New here...(well, I've lurked a few times...) looks like a friendly place!
(and now for the shameless plug!)
I've just listed a whack of lampwork beads on eBay...including my 'Willendorf' Goddesses...I've attached a pic for perusal.
Triple Moon Goddess tabulars, focals & pendants to follow this week!

Please check out my storefront if you're interested!


or...eBay userid: jpbniteshade

As always, custom orders accepted, and I usually don't mind cutting a deal for resellers! (and...always open to some trading...*wink to fellow lapidary/beady addicts*

Blessings & Wellness!