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October 7th, 2015, 08:52 PM
Any Gaelic Polytheists out there? I am specifically Irish. I consider myself a reconstructionist in many ways. I follow the old, pre-christian Irish ways in terms of holidays, worship, and views on many levels. No Wicca or Neo-Pagan practices here. Ex. instead of the 5 elements, I view our world as Land, Sea and Sky.

I also, however, follow an Asatru path (which in many ways is Germanic/Norse reconstructionism). May sound odd in some ways, but the Norse and Irish do share a lot of similar world views and cultural similarities. The Norse did end up in Ireland and in fact settled part of it (Dublin, for one). In regards to the 9 Norse cosmos, I find that Land, Sea and Sky work with it in our world - that of Midgard.

I celebrate each path's/culture's holidays and Gods separately, in the cultural appropriate traditions/ways (ex. Asatru - blot, sumbal, etc... Irish - Samhain, Yule fires, Brighid's hearth/fire).

I find that each culture speaks to me in its own way, and so long as I honor and worship my Gods appropriately - there is no clash on any level. Some hardcore reconstructionists may disagree with me, but to each their own. Either way, I'd love to connect with any reconstructionists here on MW.

Anyone else practice Gaelic Polytheism? Which branch? Are you strictly adherent to that culture's ways and traditions, or do you have other traditions or Gods you honor?

PS - will post a similar thread in the Asatru/Heaten Recon board to connect with my fellow Asatru followers.


October 7th, 2015, 09:17 PM
I am a Celtic polytheist, but Welsh-based. I do have sn Irish patron and I do incorporate elements of Irish mythology into my practice sometimes. It helps that I am part Irish and not at all Welsh, but in practice they're very similar.

I did look into Asatru when I was studying Anglo Saxon archaeology, but it didn't speak to me as profoundly as I expected it to.

October 9th, 2015, 05:26 PM
Woah. Didn't expect to see this place again!

Gaelic Polytheist here. I live in Scotland and my practice is heavily rooted in that, but given the ultimate Gaelic (and polytheist) focus Ireland is important to me too.

January 11th, 2016, 06:37 PM
Gaelic Polytheist. Pan-Gaelic in my beliefs and practice, since I am a little bit of everything (Ireland, Scotland, Man).

I pray to my ancestors, though, more than the Gods and Goddesses. Though I do have a thing for Brigid.